Christmas Choir Performance

On Wednesday, December 14th, Emma had her Christmas choir program at church.  I am one of five teachers in her class and we have had a very fun, eventful semester learning music and having fun!  We have 18 four year olds (some 5 already) in our class and it is always an action packed evening on Wednesdays!

Here is a picture of Emma before we left to go to the church.  Nana helped me spiral curl her hair for her big night!

IMG 4534

IMG 4537


Foster wanted to jump in… Here he is saying “Cheeeeeeese!”

IMG 4541

IMG 4540


Kinlye, Mackenzie, Emma

IMG 4543


IMG 0369


WOW, I look at this picture below and get emotional… several of these kiddos have known each other since they were babies and have literally grown up together.  I’m so thankful for sweet, Christian friendships for both she and Foster.  I also look at the picture below and see all of their true personalities shining through!  Including Emma… why is she sticking her tongue out???!!!

IMG 0376


Mackenzie and Emma:

IMG 4558


Singing on stage!

IMG 4560


I think I see a smile in there….

IMG 4563

IMG 4568

IMG 4565

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