Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a wonderful day!  I had worked the night before so I did have to do some cleaning the morning of Christmas Eve to get ready for family.  I also had some last minute gift-wrapping to do!

Here is Emma right before our family came over for Christmas Eve dinner…

IMG 5208

IMG 5209

IMG 5210


We had Ted’s catered for dinner… yummy enchilladas, rice, and beans.  It was very good!  After dinner we played several games- a family favorite is always “Scene It” where you watch movie clips on DVD and answer movie trivia questions.

After games we had peppmermint ice cream with fudge topping (a famly tradition.)

Then Nana let the kids open a gift- Christmas pajamas!

IMG 5232  1


Then Nana read several Christmas books to the kids…

IMG 5243  1


Grainy picture… but here is Nana reading the Night Before Christmas!

IMG 0458


We made cookies to leave for Santa and here are Emma and Daddy writiing their traditional Christmas Eve note to Santa.

IMG 0462

IMG 0469


One of Emma’s friends from school gave everyone some “reindeer food” at their school Christmas party.  So this was our first year to sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn to guarantee that the reindeer would find our house!

IMG 0480

Luckily the kids settled in to bed fairly well so Santa could get to work!

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