Emma’s 5th Birthday

We celebrated Emma’s 5th Birthday on Saturday, December 17th, the day before her Birthday.  Emma wanted to have a “girl only” party and she invited several close church friends and school friends.  When she went to The Little Gym classes this past summer she decided that she wanted to have her party there so we booked it about 5 months in advance. :)  We went with a pink and green owl theme for her party!  I had the invitations made on ETSY (the picture of Emma on the card was taken by our good friend Kathy Krey- thank you Kathy!)

Lookwho2 Emma


I snapped this picture before we left for the party… Nana got her this cute Hello Kitty outfit and I just couldn’t get over how big she looked!

IMG 4694


There are TONS of pictures from the party…

IMG 4722


forward roll with Adelynn and Maggie watching…

IMG 4723


IMG 4725


IMG 4728

IMG 4741


IMG 4742


This was cute… the hostess asked the girls what they were there celebrating and all of the girls pointed to Emma and said, “Emma’s Birthday!”

IMG 4751


Circle time and introductions…

IMG 4754


Adelynn, Emma, Aubrey…

IMG 4757


Each girl got to show their favorite “trick.”  Emma confidently and proudly did a forward roll! You just never know with Emma… sometimes she is shy and clams up and sometimes she is super confident!

IMG 4762

IMG 4765


Silly games

IMG 4771

IMG 4775

IMG 4776

IMG 4777

IMG 4778

IMG 4790


Balancing on their belly buttons…

IMG 4800

IMG 4809


Quick, everyone dog pile Emma… which was really fun and cute until Emma ended up with a hurt ankle.  She was better in a minute or two!

IMG 4823


Parachute time- Emma was really excited about this…

IMG 4825

IMG 4826

IMG 4833


Emma and Kaycee

IMG 4858


Video of freeze dance


Foster was at the party and had a great time too!  Here he is looking in on all the big kids dancing!

IMG 4869


Emma was very sweet to Foster and kept trying to include him in the activities

IMG 4885

IMG 4886


Foster and Emma

IMG 4911  1


3 little monkeys, hangin’ on the bars…

IMG 4932

IMG 4933


Bouncing on the air track…

IMG 4946



IMG 4949

IMG 4950


The cake!  My good friend, Connie Easterwood, made this adorable cake.  I found a picture on-line of a cake I really liked, I sent her the pic and asked her if she could make something similar.  The cake below is the EXACT cake, even cuter acutally.  It is ALL icing, even the lollipops!  I was kinda sad to cut it and eat it.

IMG 0396

IMG 4702  1


IMG 4703  1


Blowing out candles…

IMG 5009

IMG 5019


Opening gifts… she got some really great new things!

IMG 5027

IMG 5037

IMG 5056

Emma had a great 5th Birthday!  We are so thankful for all of the sweet friends and family who helped her celebrate!  Can’t believe my first-born is FIVE!!!

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