Family Birthday Gifts…

Immediately following Emma’s party at the Little Gym, our immediate family came to our house to open gifts from family.  Nana, Judy, and Ron all came over.

There was a theme to several of her gifts…. she got this beautiful Ballerina jewelry box from Judy, Ron, and Christi…

IMG 5072


Robin and I gave Emma tickets to go see the Nutcracker ballet on her real Birthday with Mommy, Judy, and Nana.     This was a suprise for Emma and she was very excited!

IMG 5076


Ballerina Nutcracker..

IMG 5082


Emma also got a great ivory coat with fur from Nana and some clothes that she loved! (bummed that I didn’t get pictures!)

Judy, Ron, and Christi also gave Emma “Just Dance for Kids” for the Wii.  EmmA and Foster loved playing it that same afternoon- I can tell it’s going to be awesome for this Winter when we are trapped inside!

IMG 5113

IMG 5097

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