Gingerbread Party

Last Saturday was the annual Gingerbread party at our church.  This was Foster’s first year to participate so I recruited Robin to come help!  My kids were both so tired that morning and it really shows in these pictures!

IMG 4452


Putting the graham crackers on the house with icing…

IMG 4458

IMG 4459


Busted!!!  Licking her fingers. :)

IMG 4463


Foster really could not understand why we wanted to put candy on the house.  He really wanted to just eat the candy.  He even threw a fit one time when Robin put M&M’s on the house… so Robin took Foster’s gingerbread house and decorated it himself.  Foster just sat and ate candy!

IMG 4465

IMG 4470


Sierra, Hayden, and Emma.  Hayden and Emma had the same shirt on!

IMG 4475


Daddy, Foster, and Emma with the final products.

IMG 4481

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