School Winter Party

Emma’s last day of school before the Christmas break was Friday, December 16th.  Robin and I both got to go to her Winter Party and it was so fun!  The kids sang about 3 fun songs and then we got to go to different tables to play games, do a craft, eat snacks, and more.

IMG 4578  1

IMG 4582  1

IMG 4593


IMG 4598  1


IMG 4613


Emma and Taylor

IMG 4616

IMG 4625  1]

IMG 4627  1


Emma and Lindsey

IMG 4639


Playing Bingo

IMG 4640

IMG 4649


Emma and Aubrey making thier gingerbread craft… I was in charge of this little project. :)

IMG 4655


Emma and her teacher, Mrs. Bradshaw- we LOVE her!

IMG 4685  1


Emma is looking like such a big girl… sniff sniff.

IMG 4691  1

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