It was a beautiful day on Friday so we took advantge of the weather and headed to the park!  It was a really great park and the kids had such a good time playing!  Here are some pictures from our day.  Robin got me a new telephoto camera lens for Christmas and we had a lot of fun playing with it at the park!

IMG 5951

IMG 5952

IMG 5953

IMG 5955

IMG 5970

IMG 5976


Foster really enjoyed walking the “perimeter” of the play area.  He does this a lot when we go various places!   He likes to be by himself and just take leisurely walks!

IMG 6007

IMG 6013

IMG 6031


Pops watching his Grandkids… he’s such a good Pops.

IMG 6066

IMG 6068

IMG 6124

IMG 6189

IMG 6181

Texas Christmas

I love it that each year our kids get to have an Oklahoma Christmas and a Texas Christmas.  :)

On Tuesday, the 27th, we packed up and headed to Arlington for our Christmas celebration with Pops and Gigi and the cousins!  We stayed there the 27th through the 31st.  We had an awesome time just hanging out and letting the kids play together.

Gigi had a lot of fun things for the kids to do together.  Here is Emma playing with play dough.

IMG 5532

IMG 5544


Everyone arrived on Tuesday evening but we decided to wait until Wednesday morning to open presents.  We started a new tradition this year… Pops and Gigi hid baby Jesus from the manger scene and had the kids search the living room for Him.  They explained that we couldn’t have Christmas until we found Jesus because He is the whole reason we celebrate!  Pops helped Emma find Jesus hidden in the tree.  She was so excited that she got to hold him throughout the gift opening.

Here is everyone looking for Baby Jesus…

IMG 5553

IMG 5560


Here is Lylah holding her “payback” gift from us!  When Emma turned two years old Criag and Fallon gave Emma a HUGE stuffed dog for Christmas.  She loves that dog and carries it everywhere.  We have had it in our bed at times, in the carseat with Emma, on the couch, etc.  It takes up quite a bit of room!  So this year we got Lylah a huge puppy dog. :)

IMG 5590


Lylah and Zane playing the drumset that we got for Zane

IMG 5672


Foster loves his Pops

IMG 5567


TRACTORS from Craig, Fallon, and Lylah!

IMG 5572


Each of the Grandkids got books from Pops and Gigi where they recorded their own voices reading the stories- I loved these gifts.  The kids love their books.

IMG 5592


IMG 5603


Foster and Zane playing with their car ramps

IMG 5637


At the very end of the gifts, Robin found another gift from “Santa” under the tree.  Santa brought Foster and Emma and bounce house to Pops and Gigi’s house!  The kids had a blast playing in the bounce house over the next several days!

IMG 5695


IMG 5708


Dinner time…

IMG 5710


We also celebrated Lylah’s Birthday (it’s in early January)…

IMG 5737  1

IMG 5742  1

IMG 5766  1


Here are all 4 cousins: Foster, Zane, Emma, Lylah.  It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture of all of them!  It’s hard to believe that 3 years ago Emma was the only Grandchild!

IMG 5867  1

IMG 5872  1

IMG 5880


Emma and Foster playing football with Uncle Craig

IMG 5887


Robin wearing his “Heisman shirt.”   On Thursday night we watched the Baylor Bears beat Washington in the Alamo Bowl!  It was exciting to say the least.  I almost woke up the kids screaming several times.

IMG 5926


Foster is obsesssed with cars and trucks and knows that Uncle Craig drives a truck.  Whenever we talk about Craig, Foster talks about his truck. So, Craig let Foster sit in the driver’s seat and check out the truck.

IMG 0525


Foster and Zane got along really well.  One day I walked in the living room and found this.  Adorable.

IMG 0529

We had a great time in Arlington!  I’m so thankful that my kids have so many family members who love them.