Emma and Mommy Dates

*** I am very behind on blogging.  Honestly, I didn’t take many pictures during the last month because we were sick for a week and half and we just didn’t have any big events.  However, I plan to catch up on the blog with a lot of pictures from my phone over the next day or so!***

It is very apparent to me that Emma’s primary love language is quality time.  There is NO doubt about it.  This girl loves to spend one-on-one time with the important people in her life!  A woman that I admire and look up to as a Mom at my church spoke about Children’s Love Languages about 2 years ago and I will always remember what she said about quality time kiddos “You know if you have a child who thrives on quality time… it doesn’t matter what you do together… even cleaning lint out of your drier together fills their love tank.”  At that moment, a light bulb went off in my head and I realized that Emma thrives on quality time.  Whenever she starts acting whiny or just particularly needy, I realize she needs me to drop what I’m doing and do something with just her, totally focused on her!  I’m really working on that!

So… that leads me to Emma and Mommy dates.  Last Fall, Foster just went to school two days/week in the mornings, just 3 hours.  It occured to me that if I let him go for the full 5 hours, I could have 2 hours with just Emma (because I pick her up around noon.) SO, I now pick her from school on those two days and we have “Mommy and Emma dates.”  She LOVES IT!   Every day she asks how many days until the next date.  We think up ideas for things to do on our date.  Most days I write out a list of choices and she puts a check mark next to the one or two ideas that she wants to do!  (so cute.)  Here are some pictures (all taken with my iphone) from our recent Mommy and Emma dates in January and February:

Making homemade blizzards with the new blizzard maker that Craig and Fallon got Emma for Christmas… There were a lot of steps but it was all worth it in the end!

IMG 0541


IMG 0543


This next date may be my favorite so far… We went to “Purse-a-nality” a local purse/jewelry boutique in Tulsa.  I had heard that they were having a major sale on hair accessories for little girls.. as in 10 for $1!  This included headbands, feather clips, bows, etc.  Emma tried on about 100 bows and we bought just about all of them.  I didn’t take any pictures of the bows but after bows she moved on to glasses… she is so so silly.

IMG 0578


She was really excited to go to Cherry Berry with Mommy.  She picked out vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, sprinkles, gummy bears, and a cherry.  Mine was very yummy as well.

IMG 0607


Bad picture of Mommy but I cherish the moment… We went to Nibbles, a cute little bakery/tea room in Tulsa.  We sat on the pretty red velvet couch- we always sit there.  They served us our lunch and we just cuddled and chatted.  Emma had chicken fingers and I had the most incredible shrimp crimpes.

IMG 0649


Here is Emma at Nibbles eating a yummy flower cookie for dessert

IMG 0654


We’ve had some beautiful weather in January and February here in Tulsa.  On this 68 degree afternoon, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and hang out outside!  We went home, packed a picnic lunch and headed to the park.  We laid on the blanket and looked at the clouds in between bites.  Then Emma played on the playground for over an hour.  She wanted me to do everything with her of course.  I got to teeter-totter, go down the slide, swing, etc.  Sometimes it’s fun to be a kid again.

IMG 0692

IMG 0694

IMG 0706

IMG 0713


Last week we went to Mazzio’s in Jenks to take advantage of Mazzio’s buy one get one free buffet.  Emma loves pizza (and who am I kidding, so do I!)  She especially loves ALL of their dessert pizzas.  After Mazzio’s we went to Reasor’s in Jenks and loved just browsing the bakery goodies and the flowers- what a great store!

IMG 0752


That’s all for now… but many more dates to come!  I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to do this with Emma this semester.  Next year she will be in full-day Kindergarten and I am going to miss her so much!  She’s my little buddy.

Bowling for Brandon’s 40th Birthday!

IMG 6237

I can’t believe my big brother is 40!!!!  Anyone that knows me well knows that I love my brother, aka “Boom” dearly.  We are super close.  There is no one else quite like Brandon Foster.  He’s witty, honest, and quite a character!  He’s had his share of obstacles throughout the past 40 years, and I’m praying the next 40 will be better. :)

We had a great time celebrating this huge milestone with our family.  We went to dinner at Outback- he and I love steak, and then we went bowling!  He’s such a kid at heart. :)

Mom and Boom

IMG 6247


Here’s the family (minus me, cause I was taking the picture!) What an interesting crew: Robin, Brandon, Ron, his girlfriend Christi (behind the balloons), Nana, Judy, Foster, and Emma.  Nana is striking a bowling pose here, can you tell???

IMG 6250


Nana teaching Foster how to choose a ball.  This was Foster’s first time to go bowling.

IMG 6253


Who knows what he’s saying or feeling here!

IMG 6255


This picture melts my heart.  Foster adores Brandon.  Many people tell me that Foster looks like my brother.  Every time Brandon comes to our house, Foster acts really shy for a few minutes and then quickly warms up.  Whenver we try to get him to act a certain way, we say, “Uncle Brandon would want you to be a big boy right now” and he immediately shapes up!  (not sure how long that will work.)  He loves to play soccer with Boom and play cars with Boom.

IMG 6264


IMG 6269


Daddy showing the kids his “skills.”  He took Bowing at Baylor. :)

IMG 6277

IMG 6281


IMG 6290


Here is Foster taking a break while….. well you can tell what he’s doing!

IMG 6306


IMG 6328


Brandon has quite an unusual bowling technique

IMG 6360


Each time after Emma let the bowl go, she got shy and turned around.  She didn’t like us cheering for her.  She cracks me up.

IMG 6369




After cake!

IMG 6445


My cute Mom bowling… wish I could have snapped the picture with her back leg kicked up!

IMG 6401


Happy Birthday Boom!  I’m thankful you’re my big brother.



I’ve been so behind on blogging!  I think I got pretty lazy after the holidays were over.

Here are some random pictures from my phone over the past several weeks…


We’ve had a ton of beautiful weather days.  It felt very odd to be playing outside without coats on in January!  Someone needs to take care of all of those leaves!

IMG 0567


Silly Daddy… We went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to shop one Saturday and he decided to try on the Croc that was on display.  The kids really got a “kick” out of this.

IMG 0586


And here is Robin juggling for the kids during extended care at church.  This is always a fan favorite.

IMG 0590


Handsome Foster- growing up too fast

IMG 0594


And here is what marked most of January for us… sickness. :(  Foster had RSV and was sick sick sick.  Luckily he didn’t get dehydrated and we didn’t have to make any hospital visits.  Just 3 Dr appointments finishing with a double ear infection.  Poor Foster had a fever, nasty cough, and runny nose for about 12 days.  And he just wasn’t himself.  Then Emma got sick of course.  Her illness wasnt’ nearly as bad, just a milder cough, fever, and runny nose.  This picture of Foster breaks my heart!  It doesn’t even look like him!

IMG 0628


Here the kids are during one of our sick days at home.

IMG 0633


Uncle Brandon came over to visit one day and Foster fell asleep on him.  It was so sweet.

IMG 0744


Last but not least, Mommy got to go get her hair done!  I was way over due and it felt so good to get pampered.  I told my hairdresser that I wanted to go blonde blonde blonde.  She delivered. :)

IMG 0772