Bowling for Brandon’s 40th Birthday!

IMG 6237

I can’t believe my big brother is 40!!!!  Anyone that knows me well knows that I love my brother, aka “Boom” dearly.  We are super close.  There is no one else quite like Brandon Foster.  He’s witty, honest, and quite a character!  He’s had his share of obstacles throughout the past 40 years, and I’m praying the next 40 will be better. :)

We had a great time celebrating this huge milestone with our family.  We went to dinner at Outback- he and I love steak, and then we went bowling!  He’s such a kid at heart. :)

Mom and Boom

IMG 6247


Here’s the family (minus me, cause I was taking the picture!) What an interesting crew: Robin, Brandon, Ron, his girlfriend Christi (behind the balloons), Nana, Judy, Foster, and Emma.  Nana is striking a bowling pose here, can you tell???

IMG 6250


Nana teaching Foster how to choose a ball.  This was Foster’s first time to go bowling.

IMG 6253


Who knows what he’s saying or feeling here!

IMG 6255


This picture melts my heart.  Foster adores Brandon.  Many people tell me that Foster looks like my brother.  Every time Brandon comes to our house, Foster acts really shy for a few minutes and then quickly warms up.  Whenver we try to get him to act a certain way, we say, “Uncle Brandon would want you to be a big boy right now” and he immediately shapes up!  (not sure how long that will work.)  He loves to play soccer with Boom and play cars with Boom.

IMG 6264


IMG 6269


Daddy showing the kids his “skills.”  He took Bowing at Baylor. :)

IMG 6277

IMG 6281


IMG 6290


Here is Foster taking a break while….. well you can tell what he’s doing!

IMG 6306


IMG 6328


Brandon has quite an unusual bowling technique

IMG 6360


Each time after Emma let the bowl go, she got shy and turned around.  She didn’t like us cheering for her.  She cracks me up.

IMG 6369




After cake!

IMG 6445


My cute Mom bowling… wish I could have snapped the picture with her back leg kicked up!

IMG 6401


Happy Birthday Boom!  I’m thankful you’re my big brother.


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