Easter Pictures

On the last day of Spring break my Mom and I took Emma and Foster to JC Penney’s to get some pictures taken in their Easter outfits.  Let me just say…. studio photo shoots stress this Momma out!!!  My kids just do not do well.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be paying much for the pictures, I realy just wanted ONE good picture of both of my kids in their Easter outfits.  Neither child wanted to cooperate.  Emma was being super silly- forgot how to smile normally and kept running out of the room. Foster was scared to death and wanted Mommy to hold him.

This next picture pretty much sums up the photo shoot.

IMG 1224


These are “pictures of pictures” so not great quality but wanted to go ahead and post them and for family that want to order them, I can send you the link to the Jc Penney album.


IMG 1225

IMG 1226

IMG 1229

IMG 1232

IMG 1233

Spring Break Day #2

On Tuesday we went to BounceU to meet some friends for an hour and a half of Bouncing fun!  Emma loves BounceU- jumping is one of her favorite activities!  The last time Foster was there was Emma’s 4th Birthday party and he was only 1 year old.  Today was the first time he was actually able to participate.  He warmed up very slowly but by the end of the time, he was going down the big slides with Mommy and jumping on all of the equipment.  He was very sad to leave.

IMG 1203


Most of these pictures are very blurry because they were taken with my phone. :)

IMG 1163

IMG 1187

IMG 1188


IMG 1201


Emma has really become adventurous- she started going down the slide head first and backwards!

IMG 1179

IMG 1178

Spring Break Day 1

I have been looking forward to Spring Break with my kiddos for several weeks.  I just love any opportunity to SLOOOOOOW down a bit and enjoy life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that my kids have great schools to go to but I also Iove days that we can just sleep as long as our bodies want us to, hang out in our pajamas, and then go do something fun when/if we feel like it!

One of my good friends, Amber, planned some fun activities for every day of Spring Break.  We were only able to go on Monday and Tuesday but we had a great time.  It rained basically the entire week of Spring break but Monday and Tuesday were the heaviest rainy days.  I have to admit I kind of liked it!  I love love love rainy days.

So here is day 1:

IMG 7080  1


IMG 7085  1

After we got dressed in our rain boots and rain jackets we headed to “Purple Glaze,” a paint your own pottery place.  I was a bit worried about bringing Foster.  I wasn’t sure how a 2 year old and fragile pottery would go together but he did amazingly well!  He might have loved it even more than Emma did.  The place was PACKED.  I think the combination of it being a Monday (free studio fee every week), Spring Break, and rain, led a lot of people there for the first day of Spring Break!

Once we found a seat we picked out our ceramic pieces to paint.  Emma picked a dog and Foster picked a little kitty cat.  Their choices kind of cracked me up.

IMG 1142

IMG 1145


Foster was so focused on painting his kitty!  He wanted to use every color available, so we did.

IMG 1146

IMG 1148


Is this the prettiest kitty you’ve ever seen?  I did the eyes, Foster did everything else.

IMG 1150


Emma’s doggy

IMG 1151


After Purple Glaze we all headed to Baskin-Robbins for some ice cream.  It was pouring rain and I ran in carrying both kids and an umbrella and we must have dumped like 3 gallons of water on the floor when we came.  I’m sure they just loved us.  Both kids were drenched but we giggled about it!

Here’s Foster: (and yes he has a big brown glob of paint in his hair behind his ear!)

IMG 1154


Emma and Karter: (Emma pushed her leggings up because they were soaking wet- this was a very fashionable look!)

IMG 1155

IMG 1157

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was a great family day for us!  We hung out at home and had donuts on Saturday morning.  Then around 10:30 we left to drive around Tulsa to look at houses.  we are getting ready to paint our house so we wanted to look at some paint schemes.  We opened the sunroof and enjoyed a little Saturday drive.

We had lunch on Cherry Street at Mi Cocina.  It was so yummy and reminded us of Dallas.  :)

Here are the kids outside of Mi Cocina.

IMG 1120


That evening we went to my Mom’s house.  She fixed us a yummy St. Patrick’s Day dinner!  We had Corned Beef and cabbage (Robin’s request!)  After dinner we played in Nana’s backyard for a while.  Foster made up some kind of game where he counted very loudly to some random number then ran full speed across the backyard.  It was very cute.

IMG 6783IMG 6787

IMG 6810


IMG 6811


IMG 6813


IMG 6816

IMG 6868


Foster likes to fall down on purpose.

IMG 6902


IMG 6912

IMG 6923

IMG 6924


Nana and Emma checking out the blooms on the trees…

IMG 6931

Wednesday Nights at Church

Every Wednesday night we go to church for Children’s Choir.  I am one of Emma’s choir teachers.  It is such a great group of kids.  The past few weeks at choir we have let the kids play on the playground for about 15 minutes because the weather has been so nice.

Here are Kinley, Emma, and Abby on one of the super fun pieces of playground equipment:

IMG 6710

IMG 6712


As we were playing on the playground we got to see Foster’s little class ride by in wagons!  He looked a little bit sad- I think he would have rather been with Mommy on the playground.

IMG 6723

IMG 6729

IMG 6737


Here is our main choir teacher, Miss Lori, pushing Emma on the swing.

IMG 6753


Soccer Fun in the Backyard

The weather has been so beautiful the past couple of weeks so we finally decided to battle our allergy issues and have fun in the backyard!  We spent about 2 hours in backyard last Monday night and had a really fun time.  This was the day after Day Light Saving’s Time so it was light out much later than we are used to.

Last year at this time Foster was afraid of walking on the grass… this year he was tearing up the backyard with his soccer skills.

IMG 6645

IMG 6559

IMG 6552

Sweet Emma is growing up way too fast.  Please note that she picked out her own outfit here!!!

IMG 6545

IMG 6546

IMG 6547


Drama, drama, drama!

IMG 6550



IMG 6537

IMG 6555

IMG 6556




IMG 6568



IMG 6587


IMG 6603


Got a boo-boo…

IMG 6604

IMG 6615

IMG 6616


IMG 6642

IMG 6644


After playing soccer outside for an hour, Emma suddenly remembered that she has a pair of soccer socks.  She went inside and put them on. :)

IMG 6649

IMG 6653


IMG 6656


IMG 6688

IMG 6708

March Randomness

March isn’t quite over but it’s been great so far!

On one of our Mommy/Emma dates we went to get manicures.  Emma was super silly and had a hard time sitting still.  We had just come from eating ice cream sundaes so maybe that wasn’t the best idea!

IMG 1044


One Friday in March Jenks didn’t have school so we invited the Webb kiddos over to play during the morning.  We had a great time.  Here are Princess Aubrey and Princess Emma playing on the floor in Emma’s room.

IMG 1057


Lunchtime with 4 kiddos: Mac ‘n Cheese and fruit

IMG 1059

IMG 1061


I was very brave and packed all 4 kids in the minivan- I sent this picture to Robin and asked him if he thought we should have 4 kids?  :)  I don’t think he thought it was very funny.

IMG 1067


Emma and Foster at church

IMG 1096


I went to my college roomate, Cheryl’s, bridal showers and it was one of the most awesome showers I’ve ever been to!  I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture of me and Cheryl!  Here are some of the adorable decorations though!

IMG 1084


I know this is very random but I’ve been reading a lot about eating more healthy, cutting calories, etc.  I read in a magazine that Starbuck’s has a “short” version of all of their drinks.  It’s only 8 oz, compared to 16 oz in a Tall.  I ordered a “Short” Latte on Saturday night and thought it was the cutest little drink!  I call it my baby coffee.  Here it is next to Robin’s giant tall coffee.  A “Short” is perfect for me when I need just a little pick-me-up but not all of those calories!

IMG 1123


Emma and Aubrey at church last Sunday— man you can tell it was “time change” morning- Emma looks sleepy!

IMG 1125


naptime after church…

IMG 1130


Princess Day at School

Emma’s class had a “Fairy Tale” day at school after a week-long study of fairy tales.   They could dress as any Princess, Knight, King, Prince, etc.   She chose to go as Cindrella.  Here she is being silly before school- her poses seem to get sillier every day.

IMG 0952


Foster loves to copy anything that Emma does.  As she was getting ready, Foster went into her closet and got out a necklace to put on!

IMG 0954

IMG 0966

Lylah’s Visit

Robin’s Mom and Dad came to visit over the Feb. 17-19th weekend and they brought Cousin Lylah with them (Lylah’s Mommy and Daddy went on a cruise!)  Emma and Foster were so excited to have Lylah at our house- they all play so well together!

She is a very laid-back little girl.  You rarely see her upset and if she is upset, she usually has good reason!

Here’s a sweet picture of Emma and Lylah.

IMG 6463


Foster, Lylah, and Emma:

IMG 6473


Lunch at Hideaway Pizza

IMG 0888


Lylah had a great time in Emma’s dress up drawers- can you tell? :)

IMG 0890


This really cracked me up… Lylah and Foster spent a lot of time playing games on the iphone together.  My how times have changed!

IMG 6477


Lylah slept in Emma’s room in a pack ‘n play.  Here they are pretending to all sleep in the pack ‘n play together.

IMG 6457


So sweet… We love you Lylah Belle.  Please come visit us again soon!

IMG 6475