St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was a great family day for us!  We hung out at home and had donuts on Saturday morning.  Then around 10:30 we left to drive around Tulsa to look at houses.  we are getting ready to paint our house so we wanted to look at some paint schemes.  We opened the sunroof and enjoyed a little Saturday drive.

We had lunch on Cherry Street at Mi Cocina.  It was so yummy and reminded us of Dallas.  :)

Here are the kids outside of Mi Cocina.

IMG 1120


That evening we went to my Mom’s house.  She fixed us a yummy St. Patrick’s Day dinner!  We had Corned Beef and cabbage (Robin’s request!)  After dinner we played in Nana’s backyard for a while.  Foster made up some kind of game where he counted very loudly to some random number then ran full speed across the backyard.  It was very cute.

IMG 6783IMG 6787

IMG 6810


IMG 6811


IMG 6813


IMG 6816

IMG 6868


Foster likes to fall down on purpose.

IMG 6902


IMG 6912

IMG 6923

IMG 6924


Nana and Emma checking out the blooms on the trees…

IMG 6931

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