Lylah’s Visit

Robin’s Mom and Dad came to visit over the Feb. 17-19th weekend and they brought Cousin Lylah with them (Lylah’s Mommy and Daddy went on a cruise!)  Emma and Foster were so excited to have Lylah at our house- they all play so well together!

She is a very laid-back little girl.  You rarely see her upset and if she is upset, she usually has good reason!

Here’s a sweet picture of Emma and Lylah.

IMG 6463


Foster, Lylah, and Emma:

IMG 6473


Lunch at Hideaway Pizza

IMG 0888


Lylah had a great time in Emma’s dress up drawers- can you tell? :)

IMG 0890


This really cracked me up… Lylah and Foster spent a lot of time playing games on the iphone together.  My how times have changed!

IMG 6477


Lylah slept in Emma’s room in a pack ‘n play.  Here they are pretending to all sleep in the pack ‘n play together.

IMG 6457


So sweet… We love you Lylah Belle.  Please come visit us again soon!

IMG 6475

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