March Randomness

March isn’t quite over but it’s been great so far!

On one of our Mommy/Emma dates we went to get manicures.  Emma was super silly and had a hard time sitting still.  We had just come from eating ice cream sundaes so maybe that wasn’t the best idea!

IMG 1044


One Friday in March Jenks didn’t have school so we invited the Webb kiddos over to play during the morning.  We had a great time.  Here are Princess Aubrey and Princess Emma playing on the floor in Emma’s room.

IMG 1057


Lunchtime with 4 kiddos: Mac ‘n Cheese and fruit

IMG 1059

IMG 1061


I was very brave and packed all 4 kids in the minivan- I sent this picture to Robin and asked him if he thought we should have 4 kids?  :)  I don’t think he thought it was very funny.

IMG 1067


Emma and Foster at church

IMG 1096


I went to my college roomate, Cheryl’s, bridal showers and it was one of the most awesome showers I’ve ever been to!  I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture of me and Cheryl!  Here are some of the adorable decorations though!

IMG 1084


I know this is very random but I’ve been reading a lot about eating more healthy, cutting calories, etc.  I read in a magazine that Starbuck’s has a “short” version of all of their drinks.  It’s only 8 oz, compared to 16 oz in a Tall.  I ordered a “Short” Latte on Saturday night and thought it was the cutest little drink!  I call it my baby coffee.  Here it is next to Robin’s giant tall coffee.  A “Short” is perfect for me when I need just a little pick-me-up but not all of those calories!

IMG 1123


Emma and Aubrey at church last Sunday— man you can tell it was “time change” morning- Emma looks sleepy!

IMG 1125


naptime after church…

IMG 1130


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