Phone Pics from February

Here are just a few random pictures from Febuary taken with my phone.

This picture was taken on the day of our biggest snow of the year… just a light dusting!  Of course this is the first year I’ve been completely prepared with snow boots, snow bibs, and a sled for my kiddos!  Murphy’s Law. :)  Oh well, there’s always next year.

IMG 0800


I took Foster to get a haircut and Mr. Will styled it in a mohawk- pretty funny looking on a 2 year old!

IMG 0858


IMG 0860


Funny story (you probably have to really know my kids to think this is funny though.)  They are super observant.  Foster and I were at Walmart to do some shopping and he was sitting in the top part of the cart.  All of a sudden he started saying, “Mommy, why the doggy sad?  Oh no, doggy so sad.”  I could not figure out what he was talking about and he was pretty persistent.  So, I retraced my steps down the aisles and all of a sudden he told me to stop and he pointed to this box.  He was very concerned that the doggy on this box was sad. :(  
IMG 0851


I bought myself a new bible this month because the binding on my old one was falling apart.  Rather than going with a traditional bigger study bible, I decided to get this cute one that fits nicely in my purse.  I’ll maybe ask for a study bible for Christmas this year- they are super pricey!

IMG 0855


For Robin and Judy’s Birthday this year we went to Ted’s for dinner.  It was very yummy!  Someone may have sneakily whispered to the waiters that it was Robin’s birthday so I could see this:

IMG 0875

IMG 0880


February has brought more beautiful weather!  Here is another windy day at the park.

IMG 0946


We continued our annual tradition of going to IHOP for National Day of Pancakes.  The kids loved their free pancakes!

IMG 1013

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