Soccer Fun in the Backyard

The weather has been so beautiful the past couple of weeks so we finally decided to battle our allergy issues and have fun in the backyard!  We spent about 2 hours in backyard last Monday night and had a really fun time.  This was the day after Day Light Saving’s Time so it was light out much later than we are used to.

Last year at this time Foster was afraid of walking on the grass… this year he was tearing up the backyard with his soccer skills.

IMG 6645

IMG 6559

IMG 6552

Sweet Emma is growing up way too fast.  Please note that she picked out her own outfit here!!!

IMG 6545

IMG 6546

IMG 6547


Drama, drama, drama!

IMG 6550



IMG 6537

IMG 6555

IMG 6556




IMG 6568



IMG 6587


IMG 6603


Got a boo-boo…

IMG 6604

IMG 6615

IMG 6616


IMG 6642

IMG 6644


After playing soccer outside for an hour, Emma suddenly remembered that she has a pair of soccer socks.  She went inside and put them on. :)

IMG 6649

IMG 6653


IMG 6656


IMG 6688

IMG 6708

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