Spring Break Day 1

I have been looking forward to Spring Break with my kiddos for several weeks.  I just love any opportunity to SLOOOOOOW down a bit and enjoy life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that my kids have great schools to go to but I also Iove days that we can just sleep as long as our bodies want us to, hang out in our pajamas, and then go do something fun when/if we feel like it!

One of my good friends, Amber, planned some fun activities for every day of Spring Break.  We were only able to go on Monday and Tuesday but we had a great time.  It rained basically the entire week of Spring break but Monday and Tuesday were the heaviest rainy days.  I have to admit I kind of liked it!  I love love love rainy days.

So here is day 1:

IMG 7080  1


IMG 7085  1

After we got dressed in our rain boots and rain jackets we headed to “Purple Glaze,” a paint your own pottery place.  I was a bit worried about bringing Foster.  I wasn’t sure how a 2 year old and fragile pottery would go together but he did amazingly well!  He might have loved it even more than Emma did.  The place was PACKED.  I think the combination of it being a Monday (free studio fee every week), Spring Break, and rain, led a lot of people there for the first day of Spring Break!

Once we found a seat we picked out our ceramic pieces to paint.  Emma picked a dog and Foster picked a little kitty cat.  Their choices kind of cracked me up.

IMG 1142

IMG 1145


Foster was so focused on painting his kitty!  He wanted to use every color available, so we did.

IMG 1146

IMG 1148


Is this the prettiest kitty you’ve ever seen?  I did the eyes, Foster did everything else.

IMG 1150


Emma’s doggy

IMG 1151


After Purple Glaze we all headed to Baskin-Robbins for some ice cream.  It was pouring rain and I ran in carrying both kids and an umbrella and we must have dumped like 3 gallons of water on the floor when we came.  I’m sure they just loved us.  Both kids were drenched but we giggled about it!

Here’s Foster: (and yes he has a big brown glob of paint in his hair behind his ear!)

IMG 1154


Emma and Karter: (Emma pushed her leggings up because they were soaking wet- this was a very fashionable look!)

IMG 1155

IMG 1157

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