Spring Break Day #2

On Tuesday we went to BounceU to meet some friends for an hour and a half of Bouncing fun!  Emma loves BounceU- jumping is one of her favorite activities!  The last time Foster was there was Emma’s 4th Birthday party and he was only 1 year old.  Today was the first time he was actually able to participate.  He warmed up very slowly but by the end of the time, he was going down the big slides with Mommy and jumping on all of the equipment.  He was very sad to leave.

IMG 1203


Most of these pictures are very blurry because they were taken with my phone. :)

IMG 1163

IMG 1187

IMG 1188


IMG 1201


Emma has really become adventurous- she started going down the slide head first and backwards!

IMG 1179

IMG 1178

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