Fashion Show at Church

Last Sunday Emma got to be in a little fashion show at church.  An amazingly talented lady at our church is teaching a class next Monday night on how to “re-purpose” fabric that you already have to make girls’ dresses and hair accessories.  At the workshop, we will be making clothing to donate to the Ministry Center that our church sponsors.  We will leave with the patterns and the “know-how” to make things for our own daughters!

When I was asked if Emma would like to be in the fashion show during church I hesitated to say yes because she is so shy and freezes in front of a lot of people.  However, after I found out that some of her close friends would be on stage also, I knew she would be ok!

Emma got to wear a cute pillow case dress made of a chambray type pillow case with pink ruffle trim and a matching headband.

IMG 0318


IMG 0322


You can tell that Emma is a little bit nervous here…

IMG 7536


Gabby, Emma, Mackenzie, and Kinley

IMG 7561

IMG 7569

IMG 7578

IMG 7581

IMG 7583


I attempted to spiral curl her hair- a  lot of it had fallen out before the fashion show.

IMG 7591


Giving us a goofy grin because we were signaling to her to smile!

IMG 7603


Sally Shain is the adult on the left… she is the seamstress and my friend Carrie’s Mom.  Amy Monigold is the adult on the right- she used to be my Sunday School teacher in the youth group!

IMG 7607


IMG 7610


Our Administrative Pastor, Dave Bender, stole the show when he came on the stage to model some of the accessories.

IMG 7619


This was the girls’ reactions to Dave coming on the stage:

IMG 7626

IMG 7628

IMG 7630

IMG 7631

Sometime during the winter I saw a great sale advertised on the Great Wolf Lodge site and we decided to book several days during the “off-peak” season for our family!  We went April 17-19th, right in the middle of the week.  Yes, we took Emma out of school for a few days (we figured this is the last year that we can really justify missing school!)  At the last minute some friends decided to come with us and we had a great time!

Aubrey and Emma:

IMG 0303  1


Foster loved looking at the water park from the windows… but once he actually got IN the water park he was very overwhelmed by all of the sites and sounds.  By day 2 he had warmed up quite a bit and finally got in the water!

IMG 0301


Our first night there we got to meet up with Robin’s family at a nearby restaurant.  This is a very dark, blurry picture of Foster, Emma, and Zane in our hotel room.  It was so fun to get to see them.  Zane’s baby sister is due in just a couple of weeks!

Photo  26


Here is Foster getting ready to go for breakfast the first morning.  He drug his blanket through the entire hotel.  I definitely cleaned it when we got home!

IMG 0253  1


Can you tell that Aubrey is excited?  Getting ready to swim the first day!

IMG 0255  1


Notice Foster brought cars to the waterpark.

IMG 0260


Foster liked going with Daddy through the water fort.  He liked when it “rained on me!”

IMG 0270


Emma and Daddy

IMG 0277


Time for a little Dip ‘N Dots break:

IMG 0289


This was the look on Foster’s face each time the huge bucket dumped water- he loved watching it!

IMG 0294


Storytime in the hotel… Emma and Aubrey listening intently:

IMG 0295



IMG 0297


Getting ready to leave on the last day… we had a great time!

IMG 0300  1

Ballet Observation Day

Today was observation day at ballet!  Aunt Judy came to watch so Emma had an audience of 3: Mommy, Judy, and Foster

Here are Emma and her good friend Karter:

IMG 0219  2

IMG 0222  2

IMG 0224  1

IMG 0229  1

IMG 0234  1


Their recital is coming up in just a few weeks and I can’t wait to watch her big “Grease” performance!

IMG 0239  1

Easter 2012

I can’t believe that Easter has already come and gone!

We went to the early service at church at 9:00, then went to my Mom’s house for lunch, and then back to our house for an Easter egg hunt!

Family Easter picture:

IMG 7475  1


Easter baskets:

IMG 7275


Emma: almost 5 1/2 years old:

IMG 7280  1


Foster: almost 2 1/2 years old:

IMG 7289


Easter gifts from Nana:

IMG 7293


The kids got a great summer water toy and sunglasses from Aunt Judy:

IMG 7306

IMG 7309


Easter hunt… ready to go…

IMG 7318

IMG 7337  1

IMG 7343  1

IMG 7346  1


Uncle Boom helped Foster find all of his eggs- he really wasn’t catching on to the “competitive nature” of the Easter egg hunt.  He kept hollering at Emma to tell her where the eggs were so she could come get them!

IMG 7353

IMG 7365


IMG 7393


Mommy helping Foster find an egg in the bush

IMG 7412  1

IMG 7420


Eggs were even hidden in the rocks

IMG 7427


“How am I going to get that egg up there?”…

IMG 7439  1


“Got it!!”

IMG 7443  1


IMG 7455  1


And my favorite picture of the day…

IMG 7464  1


I owe a very big thank you to my hubby for taking all of these awesome Easter egg pictures!  I will be getting this picture above on a huge canvas!


Pre-K Field Trip

On Friday, April 6th, Emma and I got to go on a “walking field trip” with her class!    We had a great time!  Luckily Daddy was able to stay at home with Foster so that I could focus on Emma on the field trip.

Here is a picture of most of her class: (Emma is in a pink Jenks shirt on the back row)

IMG 0205

IMG 0209


We left the school around 10:00 and walked to Walgreens.  At Walgreens the store manager took us on a tour of the store…

IMG 0123

IMG 0124


Talking to the pharmacist, Jack (I think?).  He talked to the kids about medication safety and also gave some tips and tricks for taking medicine that tastes yucky.

IMG 0133  1

IMG 0141


Next we walked across the street to Java Dave’s where the adults got coffee and the kids got snow cones.  I haven’t been to Java Daves in years and it was really great to be there again!  I used to go there in high school with friends to get coffee… of course that was before I knew about Starbuck’s. :)

IMG 0145


Aubrey and Emma enjoying their snow cones

IMG 1343


This picture was taken with my phone… the snow cones turned all of the kids’ mouths either red or blue.

IMG 1346


Our next stop was the YMCA.  The Assistant Manager talked to the kids about the importance of exercise and then took them on a small tour.

IMG 0149


They let the kids play in the children’s play area for about 5 minutes and Emma was totally overwhelmed by the chaos!  She came and stood by me.

IMG 0156


Next, the YMCA worker led the kids in some exercises including jumping jacks…

IMG 0159


…. and push ups (which Emma declined!)  She told me later that they looked “too hard.”  However, she came home and did about 20 push ups.

IMG 0162


Next we crossed the street again to go to the bank!  Crossing the street was definitely the most stressful part.  I was thankful I was there to hold Emma’s hand.  I was so nervous about all of the kids next to all of the cars!

IMG 0167


Checking out the pretty flowers outside the bank

IMG 0169


Sitting down listening to the bankers

IMG 0173


The kids each got to practice signing their first and last names

IMG 0180


Learning about safety deposit boxes

IMG 0182


Learning about safes where they store money

IMG 0185


Up close and personal tour of the teller’s window!

IMG 0188


Emma got to talk into the microphone and then send the tube through the chute.  She loved this!

IMG 0192  1

IMG 0194

IMG 0196


As we toured the bank offices Aubrey said to her mom, “Mom, what is THAT thing?” pointing to the typewriter.  We had to explain to them what a typewriter was!  I guess in our day and age they have no need for typewriters.

IMG 0201


Luckily when we got back to the school it was time to go home.  The kids were so wound up!

IMG 0208