Sometime during the winter I saw a great sale advertised on the Great Wolf Lodge site and we decided to book several days during the “off-peak” season for our family!  We went April 17-19th, right in the middle of the week.  Yes, we took Emma out of school for a few days (we figured this is the last year that we can really justify missing school!)  At the last minute some friends decided to come with us and we had a great time!

Aubrey and Emma:

IMG 0303  1


Foster loved looking at the water park from the windows… but once he actually got IN the water park he was very overwhelmed by all of the sites and sounds.  By day 2 he had warmed up quite a bit and finally got in the water!

IMG 0301


Our first night there we got to meet up with Robin’s family at a nearby restaurant.  This is a very dark, blurry picture of Foster, Emma, and Zane in our hotel room.  It was so fun to get to see them.  Zane’s baby sister is due in just a couple of weeks!

Photo  26


Here is Foster getting ready to go for breakfast the first morning.  He drug his blanket through the entire hotel.  I definitely cleaned it when we got home!

IMG 0253  1


Can you tell that Aubrey is excited?  Getting ready to swim the first day!

IMG 0255  1


Notice Foster brought cars to the waterpark.

IMG 0260


Foster liked going with Daddy through the water fort.  He liked when it “rained on me!”

IMG 0270


Emma and Daddy

IMG 0277


Time for a little Dip ‘N Dots break:

IMG 0289


This was the look on Foster’s face each time the huge bucket dumped water- he loved watching it!

IMG 0294


Storytime in the hotel… Emma and Aubrey listening intently:

IMG 0295



IMG 0297


Getting ready to leave on the last day… we had a great time!

IMG 0300  1

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