Easter 2012

I can’t believe that Easter has already come and gone!

We went to the early service at church at 9:00, then went to my Mom’s house for lunch, and then back to our house for an Easter egg hunt!

Family Easter picture:

IMG 7475  1


Easter baskets:

IMG 7275


Emma: almost 5 1/2 years old:

IMG 7280  1


Foster: almost 2 1/2 years old:

IMG 7289


Easter gifts from Nana:

IMG 7293


The kids got a great summer water toy and sunglasses from Aunt Judy:

IMG 7306

IMG 7309


Easter hunt… ready to go…

IMG 7318

IMG 7337  1

IMG 7343  1

IMG 7346  1


Uncle Boom helped Foster find all of his eggs- he really wasn’t catching on to the “competitive nature” of the Easter egg hunt.  He kept hollering at Emma to tell her where the eggs were so she could come get them!

IMG 7353

IMG 7365


IMG 7393


Mommy helping Foster find an egg in the bush

IMG 7412  1

IMG 7420


Eggs were even hidden in the rocks

IMG 7427


“How am I going to get that egg up there?”…

IMG 7439  1


“Got it!!”

IMG 7443  1


IMG 7455  1


And my favorite picture of the day…

IMG 7464  1


I owe a very big thank you to my hubby for taking all of these awesome Easter egg pictures!  I will be getting this picture above on a huge canvas!


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