Fashion Show at Church

Last Sunday Emma got to be in a little fashion show at church.  An amazingly talented lady at our church is teaching a class next Monday night on how to “re-purpose” fabric that you already have to make girls’ dresses and hair accessories.  At the workshop, we will be making clothing to donate to the Ministry Center that our church sponsors.  We will leave with the patterns and the “know-how” to make things for our own daughters!

When I was asked if Emma would like to be in the fashion show during church I hesitated to say yes because she is so shy and freezes in front of a lot of people.  However, after I found out that some of her close friends would be on stage also, I knew she would be ok!

Emma got to wear a cute pillow case dress made of a chambray type pillow case with pink ruffle trim and a matching headband.

IMG 0318


IMG 0322


You can tell that Emma is a little bit nervous here…

IMG 7536


Gabby, Emma, Mackenzie, and Kinley

IMG 7561

IMG 7569

IMG 7578

IMG 7581

IMG 7583


I attempted to spiral curl her hair- a  lot of it had fallen out before the fashion show.

IMG 7591


Giving us a goofy grin because we were signaling to her to smile!

IMG 7603


Sally Shain is the adult on the left… she is the seamstress and my friend Carrie’s Mom.  Amy Monigold is the adult on the right- she used to be my Sunday School teacher in the youth group!

IMG 7607


IMG 7610


Our Administrative Pastor, Dave Bender, stole the show when he came on the stage to model some of the accessories.

IMG 7619


This was the girls’ reactions to Dave coming on the stage:

IMG 7626

IMG 7628

IMG 7630

IMG 7631

2 thoughts on “Fashion Show at Church

  1. I loved being there to watch the fashion show! The girls were so cute, and such sweet friends!

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