Ballet Rehearsal and Recital


Emma’s Dance Recital was on Sunday, May 20th at 2:00 at The Univeristy of Tulsa PAC.  She has gone to dance every Monday at 1:00 for an hour of Ballet/Jazz.  Their recital performance was a jazz dance and she really loved it!  I think she likes to shake her hips!

Their dance was an adorable routine set to the music “Grease Lightning.”  All of the Moms were really excited when Miss Keally picked the music because it brought back a lot of fun memories for us- watching Grease was a big deal during my teenage years.

There are a ton of pictures here, I had a hard time narrowing them down.

IMG 7815

IMG 7825


Practicing her “jazz walk” in the front yard!

IMG 7832

IMG 7833


I was so nervous that Emma was going to freeze on stage.  Twice in the last week (church choir performance and Mother’s Tea at school) Emma has been so shy performing and it just broke my heart.  I prayed hard that she would do well during the recital and she did!  I think it helped that she couldn’t see the audience and she truly loved her costume and dance.  I was so proud of Emma at both the rehearsal and recital.  I kept telling her that the #1 goal was to HAVE FUN.

The following pictures were taken during rehearsal on Friday night…

Ready to go… so serious!

IMG 7856


IMG 7870


IMG 7880

IMG 7882

IMG 7886

IMG 7891


Slicking the hair back!

IMG 7892

IMG 7900

IMG 7902

IMG 7903

IMG 7910

IMG 7916



IMG 7926

IMG 7932


Skipping to their spots…

IMG 7946


“I need a Man…”

IMG 7957

IMG 7958

IMG 7959

IMG 7960

IMG 7964


IMG 7966

IMG 7968

IMG 7969

IMG 7971

IMG 7975

IMG 7980

IMG 7983

IMG 7985

IMG 7986

IMG 7987

IMG 7999


Ta-da!  Ending pose:

IMG 8004


Behind the scenes pics… getting the makeup and hair done!  Lipstick application…

IMG 8042


Here she is rubbing in her lipstick!

IMG 8041


IMG 8053


Nana gave Emma the sweetest pink necklace with a silver heart charm that says “Dance.”

IMG 8056


Some of the girls backstage after the performance:

IMG 8084


Foster was so good during the performance!  He sat on on Daddy’s lap and watched the dancers for the entire first half.  Then at intermission they drove around with Uncle Ron until the finale.

IMG 8085



Proud big brother giving Emma her flowers.

IMG 8087

Emma had quite a crew there to watch her: Mommy, Daddy, Foster, Nana, Judy, and Ron.  A huge thank you to Judy and Ron for coming to support Emma.  Judy brought Emma the sweetest tulips.  I wanted to get a picture with Judy and Ron but Emma was very wound up after the recital and it just wasn’t happening!

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