Mother’s Day Announcement

So, to make it “Blog Official” we are having another baby!!!

We announced to the world, via Facebook, on Mother’s Day that I am pregnant with Baby Curry #3.  We are very excited!

While this baby was “planned” the exact timing was not planned.  Let’s just say we left it up to God’s timing and God’s timing makes this baby due on 12/12/12!!!  SO… Foster’s Birthday is November 17th, Emma’s is December 18th, and this baby will probably be born somewhere in between there.  Throw in Thanksgiving and Christmas and we will have a crazy couple of months every year!!!  Honestly, I love having Winter babies and am so excited to be a Mommy again.

On May 2nd, Emma, Foster, Robin, and I went to my first Dr’s appt.  The kids loved getting to see the baby on the screen and they loved hearing the heartbeat.  Since then, when we talk about the baby Foster says, “The baby on T.V goes boom boom, boom boom, boom boom.”

Photo  29


After the Doctor’s appointment we went to celebrate with a yummy lunch at Mi Cocina.  Here are the kids after lunch- neither looking at the camera.  What a special day that was!

IMG 7653


And here is the pic we posted on Facebook the day we announced.  These kiddos are going to be the greatest big brother and big sister (Emma already IS a great big sister.)

IMG 7786

One thought on “Mother’s Day Announcement

  1. I am so excited for you all. It is fun to watch your family via blog. I can’t believe it seems like forever since I have seen you. That is very exciting!!!

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