Spring Choir Performance

Emma’s had her end of the year choir performance at church on May 9th.  This is her 4th time to perform with this same group of kids at church.  For some reason on this particular night, she was very shy, very timid, and hardly sang at all!  It was painful to watch, I just felt badly for her- like she needed to be rescued.    She was standing next to two of her bestest friends so I know she was comfortable.  Who knows, maybe she was tired! That’s just Emma… you never know what kind of performance you are going to get from her.  I helped with this choir group again this year.  Most of the kids were 4 at the start of the year and turned 5 at some point during the year.  They were quite an active and energetic group!  I had a great time teaching alongside one of my good friends, Candace.



Emma and Karter:

IMG 7692


Mackenzie and Emma:



Mackenzie, Emma, Kinley, and Bella:



Some of the crew:



There’s a little smile!

IMG 7737


“Jesus Loves You… Jesus Loves Me…”



This is what her face looked like the majority of the 3 songs. :(

IMG 7760


Short video of one of the songs…

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