Water Day!

Last Wednesday, May 16th, Emma had a very fun Water Day at school!  The kids have been looking forward to this day for many weeks!  There’s just something very exciting about getting to wear your bathing suit to school!  Several Mom Volunteers had several stations set up around the playground: Sprinklers, Chalk, Bubbles, Shaving Cream, and Face Painting.  I was in charge of chalk. :)

Here are the kids walking out to play!  They didn’t stay dry and clean for very long!

IMG 7702

Emma and Aubrey:

IMG 7705


Playing with the ball sprinkler… notice that the boys have shaving cream all over their bodies… the girls were more timid with the shaving cream!

IMG 7720

IMG 7724


Butterfly face paint:

IMG 7727


This may be one of my favorite pictures ever… 5 year olds “laying out.”  Really????  The third girl from the left has a teenage sister- it was her idea. :)  Emma is so akward in this picture!

IMG 7734


Bubbles for Foster!

IMG 7739


Emma, Ava, and Sophia:

IMG 7748


Goldfish for snack time… Foster had a great time at the water play day too.  He was a perfect angel.

IMG 7753


Emma, Taylor, Aubrey, Kennedy

IMG 7755


Sophia, Emma, Taylor, Aubrey, Kennedy, Ava:

IMG 7758


Foster and the girls- what a ladies’ man!

IMG 7763


Playground time!

IMG 7769

I had a great time helping out at Water Day.  This was a great way to celebrate the end of school!  Emma has loved her class and teachers this year.

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