June iPhone pictures

I find that I am taking more and more pictures with my iPhone… it’s just so convenient!  And the photo quality is pretty good although I still have a lot to learn to make the picture quality even better.

So, here is my “photo dump” from June…

On Friday night, June 1st, Robin and I were honored to attend the 1st Annual Dinner & Auction for the Lauren Elise Memorial Foundation.  Lauren Elise Hillsheimer passed away at the age of 3 years old last July following a heart operation to repair a cardiac defect.  Her Mom and Dad go to our church and I am friends with her Mommy, Kirsten.  Mark and Kirsten have done an amazing job of forming a foundation to raise awareness and raise funds to help with pediatric cardiac research.  Their first event was a HUGE success.  It was at Five Oaks Lodge in Jenks.  There were so many great items to bid on and the speakers were fabulous.  Robin and I were blown away by Dr. Nakaidoh.  He is a World- renown Pediatric Cardiac surgeon who recently moved to Tulsa.  He was fascinating to listen to.  This picture was taken right after we watched a tear-jerker slideshow with pictures of Lauren so I have NO makeup on here.  Also, this is a “belly pic” of me at 12 1/2 weeks pregnant.

IMG 1655


On Monday, June 4th, Emma went to spend the night with Nana so Foster got his Mommy and Daddy all to himself!  I decided to take Foster on a a Mommy-Foster “ice cream date.”  We went to Braum’s and had a ball.  He is so much fun.

IMG 1676



On Wednesday June 6th we had Halle Hess over to our house for a little play date.  Halle is one of Emma’s friends that lives in our neighborhood and also goes to her school.  After they played at our house for a while we went to a nearby park/splash park to play.  They had a ton of fun.

IMG 1686


I’m not exactly sure what Emma’s attitude is about here…

IMG 1687


On Friday June 8th we went to one of our very favortie Tulsa events- “Tulsa Tough.”  It is an awesome bike race weekend and a very family-friendly event.  Robin’s company sponsor the event and has a tent set up at the races so we visited the tent and then went to watch some races.  It is really fun to watch up-close and personal.  It really gets your adrenaline pumping!  At the end of the night during the final race, the bikers were racing by us at very high speeds and fireworks (from Driller’s stadium) were going off behind us!  Talk about a lot ot watch at one time!

Foster is very into wearing his green rainboots everywhere these days… even in the 100 degree heat… which makes for some very stinky feet!

IMG 1696

IMG 1698

IMG 1701


On Saturday, June 9th, Emma helped her friend, Halle, run a lemonade stand at her house.  They raised $125 for Pediatric Cancer research!  They had a great time.

IMG 1802


On Wednesday, June 20th, Aubrey came over for a full-day playdate!  The kids had a great time playing with Aubrey!

IMG 1736


Foster, Aubrey, and Emma at Carl’s Jr.

IMG 1737


Aubrey and Emma checking out books at the library

IMG 1739


Waiting for the balloon/juggler man to start his show!

IMG 1743


Saturday, June 23rd, Robin and I got to celebrate our 12th Wedding Anniversary.  A huge thank you to my Aunt Judy and Mom for watching our kids so we could have a night out!  We went to Shogun- my very favorite restaurant.  After dinner we went to see the movie “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.” It was a quirky love story and we enjoyed it.

IMG 1745


On Monday June 25th, Nana took Emma to get a summer haircut.  Doesn’t she look super cute?

IMG 1768


Foster and Emma right before going into Cherry Berry for an after-swim-lesson treat!

IMG 1773

IMG 1775

IMG 1779


On Wednesday June 27th, my Cousin Steve, and his wife Robin came through Tulsa on their way to move to Colorado Springs.  Their girls are adorable and Emma had a great time playing with them for the evening!

Here are Emma, Maddy, and Liv

IMG 1793


Last picture for June… here are Emma and Foster just hanging out at the Lifetime Fitness pool- their new favorite hang out.  They want to go every day!

IMG 1803

Swim Lessons

We just completed 4 days of swim lessons with Mr. Kem and I’m not sure who is more emotionally exhausted, Mommy or the kids!!??

Mr. Kem came highly recommended by many friends in the Tulsa area.  Afer doing “group/class” lessons for Emma for the last 4 summers, I decided it was time to get down to business and do some private lessons!  Mr. Kem is a NO-NONSENSE teacher.  I knew this ahead of time.  He is kind and compassionate but also very firm and he knows that the only way kids learn is by swallowing some water and learning to help themselves in the water.  Robin and I were very impressed with his teaching… but it was hard to watch!  To see your kids struggling under water is gut-wrenching.

This was Foster’s first time to take lessons ever and he has never been a huge fan of the water so it was especially stressful for him!  He cried every day and begged me the last 3 days not to take him.  He got really creative with his pleas and bargains not to go!  It was pretty impressive.

Emma cried a little bit at each session but was ready to go back the next day- she knew she was learning a lot and she trusted Mr. Kem- which is HUGE for Emma.

Nana got to go with us on Monday and Tuesday to watch and she was very impressed with the kids progress.  Luckily, Daddy was able to meet us there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I needed his help to get the kids into the water!!!

Monday and Tuesday Foster got in the water first.  Then on Wednesday and Thursday we convinced Emma to go first to be fair.

Foster mainly learned that wherever he is in the water- if he has fallen in, flipped over, etc., he can get to his back and relax and float like a starfish.  Foster had a hard time relaxing.  The only thing that helped him was if he sang his “A-B-C’s” so he did that every time.  It was really hilarious.  Robin also thinks Foster did this because Foster knew he could draw out the song for a while before Mr. Kem would throw him back in the water again. :)  Mr. Kem thought the A-B-C’s were precious. We did too.

Emma worked really hard on swimming across the pool and is also very confident about relaxing and floating on her back if she were to get in trouble in the water.  We were very proud of her!  She still needs to work on pulling hard with her arms and reaching far out.  We plan to spend a lot of time the rest of the summer to perfect these skills!

IMG 7902


IMG 7901


Robin and Foster watching Emma swim

IMG 7897


IMG 7898


Robin and Emma:

IMG 7904

Mommy and Foster

IMG 7906

IMG 7899


Such a good little starfish…

IMG 7908


Thank you so much to Mr. Kem for giving our kids more confidence in the water!


I am so thankful that our church values teaching music to kiddos at such young ages!  The 2nd week of June was Pre-Smak, the preschool music camp at our church.  This year’s theme was “Love Notes From God.”

I taught 3 year olds with my friends, Candace and Ammy.  It was entertaining to say the least!  Foster was in childcare for 2 year olds but they did some great music activities and he came home singing lots of fun songs.  Emma was in class with a lot of her good friends and they had such a great 3 days together.

Emma is on the back row hiding out behidn Mackenzie.  :)

DSC 2542


My friend Candcace took the next 3 pictures with her phone in the hallway one day and I just love them… these girls are such sweet friends… and SO GOOFY when they get together!

Kinley, Emma, & Mackenzie

IMG 0700

IMG 0702

IMG 0704


Small group activity- patting long notes and short notes on the drum…

IMG 7877

IMG 7879


Emma standing next to her “mail bag.”

DSC 2538

Wednesday night the kids traveled to 3 different rooms and performed the songs that they learned. I was very bummed that I wasn’t able to watch- I helped lead my 3 year old group.  Thankfully, Nana, Foster, and Daddy went with Emma and cheered her on.  Emma started to get sick on the last day of Pre-Smak and really got sick the next day with a yucky virus/cold.  You can tell in these pictures that she wasn’t feeling well.

Also below are 3 videos from their performance.  Emma was pretty timid but we were so proud of her for performing!

IMG 8466

IMG 8472

IMG 8480

IMG 8484



“The Greatest Show on Earth!”

On June 2nd, Sweet Aunt Judy treated our family to a day at the Circus!  Believe it or not, this was both kids’ first time to get to see the circus. I wasn’t sure how they would react- they both tend to get overstimulated pretty easily.  However, they both LOVED the entire cirucs and are still talking about it weeks later!  Robin and I loved the circus too!

IMG 7865

Here is Emma- ready to go to the circus!  (it was very bright outside when I took these pictures!)

IMG 8434

IMG 8441

IMG 8452


Foster was pretty nervous at first…

IMG 7835


Emma was nervous too…

IMG 7836


IMG 7841


Aunt Judy and Foster at intermission

IMG 7843


Foster LOVED the dogs… they were pretty amazing!

IMG 7846

IMG 7848

IMG 7854


The theme this year was “Dragons.”

IMG 7862


Both kids were smiling by the end of the show!

IMG 7869

IMG 7874  1

IMG 7870  1

Thanks Judy for a great show- we will definitely have to do it again!

Memorial Day trip to Waco

We have started an annual tradition of spending Memorial Day weekend with our good friends from college, the Rowes and the Kreys.  This was our 2nd annual get-together at someone’s house and this year the Kreys were our host in Waco.  We had such a great time!  Between the 3 families, there were 8 kids 5 and under… CRAZY!!!!  It’s so fun though to get together with other families with little kids- we just share in the craziness together. :)  We did a LOT of laughing during our 3 days together.

The Kreys have an awesome house with an incredible backyard and we spent the majority of our weekend hanging out outside.

Here are Emma, Hazel, Emerson, and Oliver hanging out on the porch swing:

IMG 8302


And here are: Haden, Emma, Hazel, and Elliott on the porch swing:

IMG 8334


Emma and Emerson got to play with the boys’ Leapsters and Nintendo DS’ and they were fascinated by some of the games.

IMG 8351


Foster hangin’ out on the boys’ bike:

IMG 8368


Conner and Foster:

IMG 8382


Trying to get our annual picture of all of the kids:

IMG 8403


Foster was WAY cool in his blue shades!

IMG 8409


And this picture absolutely cracks me up: this is the adults trying to get 8 kids to smile for a picture!!!  Very flattering of Jessica and myself. :)

IMG 8417


On Sunday we went to Hawaiian Falls, Waco’s brand new waterpark.  The kids had so much fun!

IMG 7796


Emerson, Emma, and Haden:

IMG 7798


Elliott and Foster:

IMG 7801


Emma enjoying her fudgsicle:

IMG 7806


Foster enjoying his ice cream treat:

IMG 7810


Foster, Robin, and Emma in the pool:

IMG 7814


Touching the shark:

IMG 7827


Emma and Daddy hanging out by the wave pool:

IMG 7832


*** The following pictures were taken by Kathy Krey.  I’m always so thankful that she captures such awesome memories in such a talented way.  I LOVE the close up pictures that she took of my kids.

Here are Robin and Foster “playing basketball.”  We were cracking up because Foster kept throwing the basketball over his head backwards.  We have a little bit of teaching to do before he plays in the NBA. :)

7312029864 73e818183a h  1


And he dunks!!!

7312039278 3f3634da3a b  1


Love this shot:

7312061256 b1077f5371 b  1


Sweet Emma with messy hair:

7312078320 701d858a40 h


Group shot:

7312082584 11a17da92c b


View of the backyard chaos:

7312097678 88e8d54c9f b


Swinging time:

7312179274 667e7f5e29 b


LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Emma, Haden, Hazel, and Emerson

7312182586 768b5ed56a h


Group shot- I love Foster’s finger in his nose here:

7312188502 a69d3bfd09 b


BFF’s since gradeschool: Robin and Conner

7312252028 b84f03470d h


The boys being silly, posing like sorority girls:

7312255784 dc3503cf0d b  1


The girls being silly:

7312263668 0df78c44b5 b  1


I LOVE this one of Foster:

7312153366 a3cd010b26 b 2


We had such a great time in Waco and can’t wait until we gather at our house in 2013!!!  Thanks so much for everyting Conner and Kathy!

Meeting Baby Taryn in Arlington

Emma and Foster’s newest cousin, Taryn May, was born on May 19th in Mansfield, TX.  We were so excited to meet her when she was about 5 days old!  She is so beautiful and looks a lot like her big brother Zane.

IMG 8119


Emma loved baby Taryn

IMG 8121


IMG 8141

IMG 8152


We got to hang out with the whole Curry crew for one night while we were there.  Here is Uncle Craig playing cars with Foster and Lylah.  From what I hear, Craig loved playing cars when he was little just like Foster.

IMG 8160


Foster and Zane

IMG 8191


Pops made waffles for breakfast!

IMG 8212


Lylah eating waffles

IMG 8214

IMG 8223

IMG 8242


Emma, Foster, and Pops reading Foster’s favorite book

IMG 8257


Robin holding Taryn for the first time

IMG 8265

IMG 8275

IMG 8301


Emma’s First and last days of school!

Emma had such an awesome Pre-Kindergarten year!  We absolutely loved her teachers Mrs. Bradshaw and Mrs. Ingraham.  Each time I was in the classroom and had a chance to watch and observe I was amazed at the teachers’ patience.  I definitely could NOT do their job!!

Emma learned so much this year and had so much fun.  She loved to copy words off of the bulletin board and started writing words phonetically.

She made more progress in coming out of her shell a bit.  Mrs. Bradshaw really encouraged Emma to share in group time and Emma gained more confidence as the year progressed.

She made some awesome friends too.  There were a lot of boys in the class so the minority girls really had to stick together!

Emma is already missing school but we’re looking forward to a fun summer.

First day of school (left): August 2011 and Last day of school (right): May 2012

IMG 2021

IMG 8096

Foster’s First and Last Days of School

I always question myself on when to start my kids in a Mother’s Day Out/Preschool program.  I wonder if they are too young, if they need to be home with me full time, if it will wear them out… etc, etc, etc.  Starting Emma in Preschool 2 days per week when she was 20 months was one of the best experiences for her.  She learned to come out of her shell a bit, play with other kids, follow rules, etc. Last fall, I again struggled with the decision for Foster.  He is SUCH a “Homebody.”  He loves to just hang out, loves to nap, loves to be with Mommy.  In July last year it became very apparent to me that he NEEDED to go to school.  He was super clingy and dependant on me and I knew he needed to branch out and start making some friends his own age. :)  I decided to put Foster in Mother’s Day Out just 2 mornings per week from 9-12.  That way I could pick him up right after I picked up Emma from Pre-K and he could come home and take a nap at home.

I can not say enough wonderful things about his two teachers Miss Kersten, and Miss Hollee.  They were perfect for him.  They were gentle, fun, and truly got to know my little boy.  Foster LOVED his teachers and talked about them at home constantly- especially Miss Hollee.  Foster made some great friends too!  He loved playing with Cade and Timothy and we got daily reports about what these three boys did together on the playground.

In January we made the decision to let Foster start going from 9-2 so that Emma and I could have a 2 hour date time.  Foster did great!  Most days he napped when he got home, around 2:30.

It was a great year and Foster already misses school so much.  Each morning he asks, “School today?”  It’s pretty hard to explain that he won’t have school for about 3 months!

Miss Kersten, Foster, Miss Hollee:

IMG 7779


First day of school (left): September 2011 and Last day of school (right): May 2012     I can’t believe how much older he looks!

IMG 7660IMG 2364