Emma’s First and last days of school!

Emma had such an awesome Pre-Kindergarten year!  We absolutely loved her teachers Mrs. Bradshaw and Mrs. Ingraham.  Each time I was in the classroom and had a chance to watch and observe I was amazed at the teachers’ patience.  I definitely could NOT do their job!!

Emma learned so much this year and had so much fun.  She loved to copy words off of the bulletin board and started writing words phonetically.

She made more progress in coming out of her shell a bit.  Mrs. Bradshaw really encouraged Emma to share in group time and Emma gained more confidence as the year progressed.

She made some awesome friends too.  There were a lot of boys in the class so the minority girls really had to stick together!

Emma is already missing school but we’re looking forward to a fun summer.

First day of school (left): August 2011 and Last day of school (right): May 2012

IMG 2021

IMG 8096

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