Foster’s First and Last Days of School

I always question myself on when to start my kids in a Mother’s Day Out/Preschool program.  I wonder if they are too young, if they need to be home with me full time, if it will wear them out… etc, etc, etc.  Starting Emma in Preschool 2 days per week when she was 20 months was one of the best experiences for her.  She learned to come out of her shell a bit, play with other kids, follow rules, etc. Last fall, I again struggled with the decision for Foster.  He is SUCH a “Homebody.”  He loves to just hang out, loves to nap, loves to be with Mommy.  In July last year it became very apparent to me that he NEEDED to go to school.  He was super clingy and dependant on me and I knew he needed to branch out and start making some friends his own age. :)  I decided to put Foster in Mother’s Day Out just 2 mornings per week from 9-12.  That way I could pick him up right after I picked up Emma from Pre-K and he could come home and take a nap at home.

I can not say enough wonderful things about his two teachers Miss Kersten, and Miss Hollee.  They were perfect for him.  They were gentle, fun, and truly got to know my little boy.  Foster LOVED his teachers and talked about them at home constantly- especially Miss Hollee.  Foster made some great friends too!  He loved playing with Cade and Timothy and we got daily reports about what these three boys did together on the playground.

In January we made the decision to let Foster start going from 9-2 so that Emma and I could have a 2 hour date time.  Foster did great!  Most days he napped when he got home, around 2:30.

It was a great year and Foster already misses school so much.  Each morning he asks, “School today?”  It’s pretty hard to explain that he won’t have school for about 3 months!

Miss Kersten, Foster, Miss Hollee:

IMG 7779


First day of school (left): September 2011 and Last day of school (right): May 2012     I can’t believe how much older he looks!

IMG 7660IMG 2364

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