June iPhone pictures

I find that I am taking more and more pictures with my iPhone… it’s just so convenient!  And the photo quality is pretty good although I still have a lot to learn to make the picture quality even better.

So, here is my “photo dump” from June…

On Friday night, June 1st, Robin and I were honored to attend the 1st Annual Dinner & Auction for the Lauren Elise Memorial Foundation.  Lauren Elise Hillsheimer passed away at the age of 3 years old last July following a heart operation to repair a cardiac defect.  Her Mom and Dad go to our church and I am friends with her Mommy, Kirsten.  Mark and Kirsten have done an amazing job of forming a foundation to raise awareness and raise funds to help with pediatric cardiac research.  Their first event was a HUGE success.  It was at Five Oaks Lodge in Jenks.  There were so many great items to bid on and the speakers were fabulous.  Robin and I were blown away by Dr. Nakaidoh.  He is a World- renown Pediatric Cardiac surgeon who recently moved to Tulsa.  He was fascinating to listen to.  This picture was taken right after we watched a tear-jerker slideshow with pictures of Lauren so I have NO makeup on here.  Also, this is a “belly pic” of me at 12 1/2 weeks pregnant.

IMG 1655


On Monday, June 4th, Emma went to spend the night with Nana so Foster got his Mommy and Daddy all to himself!  I decided to take Foster on a a Mommy-Foster “ice cream date.”  We went to Braum’s and had a ball.  He is so much fun.

IMG 1676



On Wednesday June 6th we had Halle Hess over to our house for a little play date.  Halle is one of Emma’s friends that lives in our neighborhood and also goes to her school.  After they played at our house for a while we went to a nearby park/splash park to play.  They had a ton of fun.

IMG 1686


I’m not exactly sure what Emma’s attitude is about here…

IMG 1687


On Friday June 8th we went to one of our very favortie Tulsa events- “Tulsa Tough.”  It is an awesome bike race weekend and a very family-friendly event.  Robin’s company sponsor the event and has a tent set up at the races so we visited the tent and then went to watch some races.  It is really fun to watch up-close and personal.  It really gets your adrenaline pumping!  At the end of the night during the final race, the bikers were racing by us at very high speeds and fireworks (from Driller’s stadium) were going off behind us!  Talk about a lot ot watch at one time!

Foster is very into wearing his green rainboots everywhere these days… even in the 100 degree heat… which makes for some very stinky feet!

IMG 1696

IMG 1698

IMG 1701


On Saturday, June 9th, Emma helped her friend, Halle, run a lemonade stand at her house.  They raised $125 for Pediatric Cancer research!  They had a great time.

IMG 1802


On Wednesday, June 20th, Aubrey came over for a full-day playdate!  The kids had a great time playing with Aubrey!

IMG 1736


Foster, Aubrey, and Emma at Carl’s Jr.

IMG 1737


Aubrey and Emma checking out books at the library

IMG 1739


Waiting for the balloon/juggler man to start his show!

IMG 1743


Saturday, June 23rd, Robin and I got to celebrate our 12th Wedding Anniversary.  A huge thank you to my Aunt Judy and Mom for watching our kids so we could have a night out!  We went to Shogun- my very favorite restaurant.  After dinner we went to see the movie “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.” It was a quirky love story and we enjoyed it.

IMG 1745


On Monday June 25th, Nana took Emma to get a summer haircut.  Doesn’t she look super cute?

IMG 1768


Foster and Emma right before going into Cherry Berry for an after-swim-lesson treat!

IMG 1773

IMG 1775

IMG 1779


On Wednesday June 27th, my Cousin Steve, and his wife Robin came through Tulsa on their way to move to Colorado Springs.  Their girls are adorable and Emma had a great time playing with them for the evening!

Here are Emma, Maddy, and Liv

IMG 1793


Last picture for June… here are Emma and Foster just hanging out at the Lifetime Fitness pool- their new favorite hang out.  They want to go every day!

IMG 1803

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