Meeting Baby Taryn in Arlington

Emma and Foster’s newest cousin, Taryn May, was born on May 19th in Mansfield, TX.  We were so excited to meet her when she was about 5 days old!  She is so beautiful and looks a lot like her big brother Zane.

IMG 8119


Emma loved baby Taryn

IMG 8121


IMG 8141

IMG 8152


We got to hang out with the whole Curry crew for one night while we were there.  Here is Uncle Craig playing cars with Foster and Lylah.  From what I hear, Craig loved playing cars when he was little just like Foster.

IMG 8160


Foster and Zane

IMG 8191


Pops made waffles for breakfast!

IMG 8212


Lylah eating waffles

IMG 8214

IMG 8223

IMG 8242


Emma, Foster, and Pops reading Foster’s favorite book

IMG 8257


Robin holding Taryn for the first time

IMG 8265

IMG 8275

IMG 8301


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