Memorial Day trip to Waco

We have started an annual tradition of spending Memorial Day weekend with our good friends from college, the Rowes and the Kreys.  This was our 2nd annual get-together at someone’s house and this year the Kreys were our host in Waco.  We had such a great time!  Between the 3 families, there were 8 kids 5 and under… CRAZY!!!!  It’s so fun though to get together with other families with little kids- we just share in the craziness together. :)  We did a LOT of laughing during our 3 days together.

The Kreys have an awesome house with an incredible backyard and we spent the majority of our weekend hanging out outside.

Here are Emma, Hazel, Emerson, and Oliver hanging out on the porch swing:

IMG 8302


And here are: Haden, Emma, Hazel, and Elliott on the porch swing:

IMG 8334


Emma and Emerson got to play with the boys’ Leapsters and Nintendo DS’ and they were fascinated by some of the games.

IMG 8351


Foster hangin’ out on the boys’ bike:

IMG 8368


Conner and Foster:

IMG 8382


Trying to get our annual picture of all of the kids:

IMG 8403


Foster was WAY cool in his blue shades!

IMG 8409


And this picture absolutely cracks me up: this is the adults trying to get 8 kids to smile for a picture!!!  Very flattering of Jessica and myself. :)

IMG 8417


On Sunday we went to Hawaiian Falls, Waco’s brand new waterpark.  The kids had so much fun!

IMG 7796


Emerson, Emma, and Haden:

IMG 7798


Elliott and Foster:

IMG 7801


Emma enjoying her fudgsicle:

IMG 7806


Foster enjoying his ice cream treat:

IMG 7810


Foster, Robin, and Emma in the pool:

IMG 7814


Touching the shark:

IMG 7827


Emma and Daddy hanging out by the wave pool:

IMG 7832


*** The following pictures were taken by Kathy Krey.  I’m always so thankful that she captures such awesome memories in such a talented way.  I LOVE the close up pictures that she took of my kids.

Here are Robin and Foster “playing basketball.”  We were cracking up because Foster kept throwing the basketball over his head backwards.  We have a little bit of teaching to do before he plays in the NBA. :)

7312029864 73e818183a h  1


And he dunks!!!

7312039278 3f3634da3a b  1


Love this shot:

7312061256 b1077f5371 b  1


Sweet Emma with messy hair:

7312078320 701d858a40 h


Group shot:

7312082584 11a17da92c b


View of the backyard chaos:

7312097678 88e8d54c9f b


Swinging time:

7312179274 667e7f5e29 b


LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Emma, Haden, Hazel, and Emerson

7312182586 768b5ed56a h


Group shot- I love Foster’s finger in his nose here:

7312188502 a69d3bfd09 b


BFF’s since gradeschool: Robin and Conner

7312252028 b84f03470d h


The boys being silly, posing like sorority girls:

7312255784 dc3503cf0d b  1


The girls being silly:

7312263668 0df78c44b5 b  1


I LOVE this one of Foster:

7312153366 a3cd010b26 b 2


We had such a great time in Waco and can’t wait until we gather at our house in 2013!!!  Thanks so much for everyting Conner and Kathy!

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