I am so thankful that our church values teaching music to kiddos at such young ages!  The 2nd week of June was Pre-Smak, the preschool music camp at our church.  This year’s theme was “Love Notes From God.”

I taught 3 year olds with my friends, Candace and Ammy.  It was entertaining to say the least!  Foster was in childcare for 2 year olds but they did some great music activities and he came home singing lots of fun songs.  Emma was in class with a lot of her good friends and they had such a great 3 days together.

Emma is on the back row hiding out behidn Mackenzie.  :)

DSC 2542


My friend Candcace took the next 3 pictures with her phone in the hallway one day and I just love them… these girls are such sweet friends… and SO GOOFY when they get together!

Kinley, Emma, & Mackenzie

IMG 0700

IMG 0702

IMG 0704


Small group activity- patting long notes and short notes on the drum…

IMG 7877

IMG 7879


Emma standing next to her “mail bag.”

DSC 2538

Wednesday night the kids traveled to 3 different rooms and performed the songs that they learned. I was very bummed that I wasn’t able to watch- I helped lead my 3 year old group.  Thankfully, Nana, Foster, and Daddy went with Emma and cheered her on.  Emma started to get sick on the last day of Pre-Smak and really got sick the next day with a yucky virus/cold.  You can tell in these pictures that she wasn’t feeling well.

Also below are 3 videos from their performance.  Emma was pretty timid but we were so proud of her for performing!

IMG 8466

IMG 8472

IMG 8480

IMG 8484



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