Swim Lessons

We just completed 4 days of swim lessons with Mr. Kem and I’m not sure who is more emotionally exhausted, Mommy or the kids!!??

Mr. Kem came highly recommended by many friends in the Tulsa area.  Afer doing “group/class” lessons for Emma for the last 4 summers, I decided it was time to get down to business and do some private lessons!  Mr. Kem is a NO-NONSENSE teacher.  I knew this ahead of time.  He is kind and compassionate but also very firm and he knows that the only way kids learn is by swallowing some water and learning to help themselves in the water.  Robin and I were very impressed with his teaching… but it was hard to watch!  To see your kids struggling under water is gut-wrenching.

This was Foster’s first time to take lessons ever and he has never been a huge fan of the water so it was especially stressful for him!  He cried every day and begged me the last 3 days not to take him.  He got really creative with his pleas and bargains not to go!  It was pretty impressive.

Emma cried a little bit at each session but was ready to go back the next day- she knew she was learning a lot and she trusted Mr. Kem- which is HUGE for Emma.

Nana got to go with us on Monday and Tuesday to watch and she was very impressed with the kids progress.  Luckily, Daddy was able to meet us there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I needed his help to get the kids into the water!!!

Monday and Tuesday Foster got in the water first.  Then on Wednesday and Thursday we convinced Emma to go first to be fair.

Foster mainly learned that wherever he is in the water- if he has fallen in, flipped over, etc., he can get to his back and relax and float like a starfish.  Foster had a hard time relaxing.  The only thing that helped him was if he sang his “A-B-C’s” so he did that every time.  It was really hilarious.  Robin also thinks Foster did this because Foster knew he could draw out the song for a while before Mr. Kem would throw him back in the water again. :)  Mr. Kem thought the A-B-C’s were precious. We did too.

Emma worked really hard on swimming across the pool and is also very confident about relaxing and floating on her back if she were to get in trouble in the water.  We were very proud of her!  She still needs to work on pulling hard with her arms and reaching far out.  We plan to spend a lot of time the rest of the summer to perfect these skills!

IMG 7902


IMG 7901


Robin and Foster watching Emma swim

IMG 7897


IMG 7898


Robin and Emma:

IMG 7904

Mommy and Foster

IMG 7906

IMG 7899


Such a good little starfish…

IMG 7908


Thank you so much to Mr. Kem for giving our kids more confidence in the water!

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