“The Greatest Show on Earth!”

On June 2nd, Sweet Aunt Judy treated our family to a day at the Circus!  Believe it or not, this was both kids’ first time to get to see the circus. I wasn’t sure how they would react- they both tend to get overstimulated pretty easily.  However, they both LOVED the entire cirucs and are still talking about it weeks later!  Robin and I loved the circus too!

IMG 7865

Here is Emma- ready to go to the circus!  (it was very bright outside when I took these pictures!)

IMG 8434

IMG 8441

IMG 8452


Foster was pretty nervous at first…

IMG 7835


Emma was nervous too…

IMG 7836


IMG 7841


Aunt Judy and Foster at intermission

IMG 7843


Foster LOVED the dogs… they were pretty amazing!

IMG 7846

IMG 7848

IMG 7854


The theme this year was “Dragons.”

IMG 7862


Both kids were smiling by the end of the show!

IMG 7869

IMG 7874  1

IMG 7870  1

Thanks Judy for a great show- we will definitely have to do it again!

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