Emma and Nana’s Train Trip to Texas

My wonderful Mom, aka. Nana, had the awesome idea to take Emma on a train trip from Oklahoma City to Ft. Worth to visit Robin’s parents.  Robin’s Mom had surgery a few weeks ago so Mom thought this would be a way that Emma could see her Pops and Gigi but Mom would mostly take care of her so Gigi wouldn’t have to over-exert herself while she’s recovering. Also, Mom knew this would be a special memory for she and Emma… and it truly was.

Mom read about the “Heartland Flyer” in the Tulsa World.  It is a train run by Amtrak and runs daily from OKC to Ft. Worth.  The trip left at 8:25 on Friday morning and got to Arlington a little after 1:00pm.

Here is the train station in OKC:

IMG 8970  1


Walking into the train station

IMG 9052


Emma cuddling with Bunny while getting ready to get on the elevator to go to the train platform

IMG 9056


Emma and Nana getting ready to board the train!

IMG 9057


Daddy handing off Nana’s luggage

IMG 9063


Getting ready to find a seat- she was so excited and didn’t really seem nervous at all!

IMG 9072


What a BIG girl!

IMG 9079


Foster REALLY wanted to go too… Nana told him she would bring him when he’s 5 years old too. :)

IMG 9090IMG 9081


IMG 9086

IMG 9088

IMG 9095

Nana said the trip there went really well.  Emma and Nana played a travel game where they looked out the window for certain things and found most everything on their list!  They also played go-fish.  There is a snack cart on the train that they visited on the way there and back.  They said it was really hard to keep your balance when walking on the train.

I drove back to get Nana and Emma on Sunday evening.  I waited at the train station for about an hour because the train was late- it was a FULL train, with lots of people getting off at several different stops.

My view from the train station at night.

IMG 9098  1


Here comes the train!  I could hear its horn long before I could see its lights.  My heart started pounding hard when I saw the light- I was so excited to see Emma!

IMG 9105  1

IMG 9106  1


They made it!  Nana, thank you so much for taking Emma on this awesome trip.  And thanks Pops and Gigi for hosting them in Texas.  I know Emma will be talking about this for months!

IMG 9108  1

Hotel Fun

After a very fun night in Bricktown we went back to our hotel to swim and hang out.  We chose the Hampton Inn because we heard they had a great pool for kids and it overlooked the Redhawks Baseball Park.

IMG 8683


Robin and Foster checking out the ball field

IMG 8682


Here is Emma getting ready to swim

IMG 8671


Can you see Robin in the middle of the pool getting “blown up?”  There was a pump you could pump and the person standing on a platform in the pool got blown out of the water.  I blew Robin up several times. :)

IMG 8676

IMG 8677  1

IMG 8678

The water was a little bit cold but we still had a great time swimming and really wore the kids out! :)

I don’t know how I got so lucky… both kids begged to sleep with Robin and that was A-OK with me!  I got to sleep with my Mom in a nice comfy bed with no one kicking me or slobbering on me. Ahhhh.  It was glorious.  The kids actually did a great job and fell right to sleep.  I have the best husband in the world.

IMG 8680

IMG 8681

A Night in Bricktown

After resting for a while in the hotel (well everyone except Emma rested!) we got ready for a night on the town in Bricktown, OKC!

IMG 8965  1

IMG 8915  1


We researched good family-friendly restaurants (on Facebook and Trip Advisor) but ultimately decided on Pearl’s Crabtown because, well, that’s what the pregnant Mommy was craving!  I had the best shrimp I’ve had in a long time!  Crabtown had a really neat atmosphere and we had a great time.  Here is Emma at dinner!

IMG 8921


After dinner we decided to walk around town.  We took some pictures along the way…

IMG 8927

IMG 8931  1

IMG 8932  1

IMG 8938  1

IMG 8946  1

IMG 8950  1


Those of you that know me know that my lucky number is 27…we stumbled upon this on our walk- there were NO other numbers painted on this random wall, just 27!

IMG 8958  1


We also decided to walk by the train station since we would be going there the next morning (more on that in future blog post!)  Here are the kids posing with Daddy in front of the buffalo at the train station!

IMG 8974  1


OKC Train Station:

IMG 8970  1


One of my good friends, Candace, recommended on Facebook that we visit “Pinkitzel” for dessert.  I honestly think this might have been my favorite part of our trip!  It was the most ADORABLE candy and cupcake store/boutique I’ve ever seen.  Everything was decorated so cute!  The kids loved picking out some taffy and a cupcake.  I took so many pictures the battery on my camera finally ran out… I was so sad.

Photo  34


Inside of “Pinkitzel”

IMG 9043


Emma riding the pink horse

Photo  35

IMG 8984  1


IMG 8995  1


IMG 8998  1

IMG 9003  1


Squinty eyes… I love these two gals so much

IMG 9006

Photo  36


The cupcakes were just to die for!  I had a hard time choosing but ultimately Robin and I decided to share a “Cookies ‘n Cream” cupcake- it was the best cupcake I’ve ever had.

IMG 9016  1


Here is Emma’s “I Want Candy” cupcake after she picked off all of the candy.

IMG 9046


IMG 9017  1


IMG 9019  1


IMG 9020


IMG 9027  1


I also indulged myself with some “Pink Hot Chocolate,” it was SO yummy!

IMG 9040

IMG 9050  1

We had such a great time at Pinkitzel, we definitely left there stuffed!  Pinkitzel was a great way to end our night in Bricktown!

Oklahoma Science Museum

Last Thursday, July 12th, our family took a road trip to Oklahoma City with Nana.  I hadn’t been to OKC in a long time and it looked very different from the last time I was there!  There are so many fun things to do in OKC but we decided to spend the majority of our day at the Oklahoma Science Museum.  I remember going there as a child when it was called the “Omniplex” and I remember loving it!

Here is our family right after we got to the museum- cracks me up how excited Foster looks!

IMG 8558  1


IMG 8559  1


Daddy pointing out one of the planets…  Emma didn’t want to get too close!

IMG 8560


Nana had a great time playing with the kids at the museum.  I had to sit down a lot.  I had worked at the hospital the night before so I was very tired!

IMG 8563


Emma listening to the different pitches with the “Jingle Jars”

IMG 8566

IMG 8567


Emma and Foster inside the mirrors seeing how a Kaleidoscope works

IMG 8569  1


Putting on a puppet show- they are watching themselves on a little TV

IMG 8572  1


Robin and Foster putting a 3-D puzzle together

IMG 8579  1

IMG 8580  1

IMG 8584  1


“Echo…echo…echo…” in the tube

IMG 8588  1

IMG 8590  1

IMG 8592


I must say that Robin had the most fun of any of us.  He is a science junkie and especially loved the puzzles and brain teasers. :)

IMG 8593


Checking out the real life tractor

IMG 8595

IMG 8596



Pretend fire stationIMG 8602  1


Thinking about sliding down the pole

IMG 8604


Bubble time

IMG 8606  1


Foster the astronaut

IMG 8608  1


Foster in front of the dinosaur

IMG 8610  1

IMG 8611  1


Foster and Daddy checking out the fish

IMG 8613


Blue wall for pretending to do the weather… the kids loved this!

IMG 8616


Climbing on the model teeth!

IMG 8620

IMG 8623


Emma loved spinning on this wheel- she pretended to be a figure skater!

IMG 8624


Foster’s turn on the spinning wheel

IMG 8630


Lunch time… here’s Nana- isn’t she so cute?

IMG 8635


Foster loved seeing the real train

IMG 8637


Foster was fascinted by the model trains- he could have watched them for hours

IMG 8639

IMG 8641

IMG 8644


Hey look!  There’s Thomas!

IMG 8646

IMG 8647


This was Foster’s favorite exhibit- he asked to go back to it multiple times.  It was a lesson about the center of gravity… You had to guess which of three objects would make it to the bottom the fastest when you let them all go at the same time.  Mom, Robin, and I all guessed incorrectly. :)

IMG 8653

IMG 8654

IMG 8655


View of the first floor from the second floor

IMG 8656


Emma (and bunny) and Foster in front of the Apollo Mission Training Module

IMG 8659  1

The kids favorite thing at the Science Museum was a Planetarium show that we went to.  Obviously, I don’t have any pictures because it was pitch black!

We spent about 4 hours at the Science Museum and probably only saw about half of the exhibits!  We’ll definitely have to go back again sometime.

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July this year!  We started the day by going to my good friend’s parents’ house.  Sarah, my life-long BFF is moving back to Tulsa from Texas and we are SOOO excited.  Her parents live less than a mile from us and have a beautiful backyard with an amazing pool.  I’m bummed that I didn’t take any pictures but we had a great time swimming and hanging out for several hours on the 4th.

Then we came home so Foster could nap and we could get ready to go out for a fun evening!

We were invited to go to our friend’s Country Club for dinner and fireworks.

Here are the kids this year and the picture below is from last year in the same place.

IMG 8520

(you can tell we had the gazebo painted!)

IMG 0815


IMG 8523


We had to wake Foster up from a nap so he wasn’t interested in smiling for pictures.

IMG 8527


Daddy and the kids…

IMG 8544


Mommy and the kids…

IMG 8549



IMG 8550


Aubrey, Emma, Foster, and Landon

IMG 7946

IMG 1828


We also ran into Sophia (far right) who was in Emma and Aubrey’s pre-k class at school this year.

IMG 1832


Holding hands sliding down the bounce slide

IMG 7948



IMG 7949


Foster and Daddy

IMG 7952

IMG 7954


This was probably the best part of the evening… the kids had a BALL rolling down this large hill while waiting for the fireworks to start.  Emma, Aubrey and Landon rolled down this hill over and over again and then just ran wild on the putting greens.  I kept thinking, “Man, this is what summer is all about!”

IMG 7956


IMG 7958

IMG 7959

IMG 7960



IMG 7963


IMG 7966


Foster is much too “sophisticated” to roll down hills!  He sat in a chair with the adults.

IMG 7969

IMG 7970


After rolling down the hill the kids broke out  a dance party- they were hilarious!

IMG 7985

IMG 7988

IMG 7989

IMG 7990


Finally it was time for the fireworks and what did the kids do???  HIDE!!!  They all hid under the blanket.  Foster started crying and I had to walk with him.  He loved the fireworks last year but this year was different.  I think the noise bothered him the most.

IMG 7994


The 3 older kids hiding during the fireworks show!

IMG 7997


We had such a great day- I just love the 4th of July!!!