4th of July

We had a great 4th of July this year!  We started the day by going to my good friend’s parents’ house.  Sarah, my life-long BFF is moving back to Tulsa from Texas and we are SOOO excited.  Her parents live less than a mile from us and have a beautiful backyard with an amazing pool.  I’m bummed that I didn’t take any pictures but we had a great time swimming and hanging out for several hours on the 4th.

Then we came home so Foster could nap and we could get ready to go out for a fun evening!

We were invited to go to our friend’s Country Club for dinner and fireworks.

Here are the kids this year and the picture below is from last year in the same place.

IMG 8520

(you can tell we had the gazebo painted!)

IMG 0815


IMG 8523


We had to wake Foster up from a nap so he wasn’t interested in smiling for pictures.

IMG 8527


Daddy and the kids…

IMG 8544


Mommy and the kids…

IMG 8549



IMG 8550


Aubrey, Emma, Foster, and Landon

IMG 7946

IMG 1828


We also ran into Sophia (far right) who was in Emma and Aubrey’s pre-k class at school this year.

IMG 1832


Holding hands sliding down the bounce slide

IMG 7948



IMG 7949


Foster and Daddy

IMG 7952

IMG 7954


This was probably the best part of the evening… the kids had a BALL rolling down this large hill while waiting for the fireworks to start.  Emma, Aubrey and Landon rolled down this hill over and over again and then just ran wild on the putting greens.  I kept thinking, “Man, this is what summer is all about!”

IMG 7956


IMG 7958

IMG 7959

IMG 7960



IMG 7963


IMG 7966


Foster is much too “sophisticated” to roll down hills!  He sat in a chair with the adults.

IMG 7969

IMG 7970


After rolling down the hill the kids broke out  a dance party- they were hilarious!

IMG 7985

IMG 7988

IMG 7989

IMG 7990


Finally it was time for the fireworks and what did the kids do???  HIDE!!!  They all hid under the blanket.  Foster started crying and I had to walk with him.  He loved the fireworks last year but this year was different.  I think the noise bothered him the most.

IMG 7994


The 3 older kids hiding during the fireworks show!

IMG 7997


We had such a great day- I just love the 4th of July!!!

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