A Night in Bricktown

After resting for a while in the hotel (well everyone except Emma rested!) we got ready for a night on the town in Bricktown, OKC!

IMG 8965  1

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We researched good family-friendly restaurants (on Facebook and Trip Advisor) but ultimately decided on Pearl’s Crabtown because, well, that’s what the pregnant Mommy was craving!  I had the best shrimp I’ve had in a long time!  Crabtown had a really neat atmosphere and we had a great time.  Here is Emma at dinner!

IMG 8921


After dinner we decided to walk around town.  We took some pictures along the way…

IMG 8927

IMG 8931  1

IMG 8932  1

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IMG 8950  1


Those of you that know me know that my lucky number is 27…we stumbled upon this on our walk- there were NO other numbers painted on this random wall, just 27!

IMG 8958  1


We also decided to walk by the train station since we would be going there the next morning (more on that in future blog post!)  Here are the kids posing with Daddy in front of the buffalo at the train station!

IMG 8974  1


OKC Train Station:

IMG 8970  1


One of my good friends, Candace, recommended on Facebook that we visit “Pinkitzel” for dessert.  I honestly think this might have been my favorite part of our trip!  It was the most ADORABLE candy and cupcake store/boutique I’ve ever seen.  Everything was decorated so cute!  The kids loved picking out some taffy and a cupcake.  I took so many pictures the battery on my camera finally ran out… I was so sad.

Photo  34


Inside of “Pinkitzel”

IMG 9043


Emma riding the pink horse

Photo  35

IMG 8984  1


IMG 8995  1


IMG 8998  1

IMG 9003  1


Squinty eyes… I love these two gals so much

IMG 9006

Photo  36


The cupcakes were just to die for!  I had a hard time choosing but ultimately Robin and I decided to share a “Cookies ‘n Cream” cupcake- it was the best cupcake I’ve ever had.

IMG 9016  1


Here is Emma’s “I Want Candy” cupcake after she picked off all of the candy.

IMG 9046


IMG 9017  1


IMG 9019  1


IMG 9020


IMG 9027  1


I also indulged myself with some “Pink Hot Chocolate,” it was SO yummy!

IMG 9040

IMG 9050  1

We had such a great time at Pinkitzel, we definitely left there stuffed!  Pinkitzel was a great way to end our night in Bricktown!

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