Emma and Nana’s Train Trip to Texas

My wonderful Mom, aka. Nana, had the awesome idea to take Emma on a train trip from Oklahoma City to Ft. Worth to visit Robin’s parents.  Robin’s Mom had surgery a few weeks ago so Mom thought this would be a way that Emma could see her Pops and Gigi but Mom would mostly take care of her so Gigi wouldn’t have to over-exert herself while she’s recovering. Also, Mom knew this would be a special memory for she and Emma… and it truly was.

Mom read about the “Heartland Flyer” in the Tulsa World.  It is a train run by Amtrak and runs daily from OKC to Ft. Worth.  The trip left at 8:25 on Friday morning and got to Arlington a little after 1:00pm.

Here is the train station in OKC:

IMG 8970  1


Walking into the train station

IMG 9052


Emma cuddling with Bunny while getting ready to get on the elevator to go to the train platform

IMG 9056


Emma and Nana getting ready to board the train!

IMG 9057


Daddy handing off Nana’s luggage

IMG 9063


Getting ready to find a seat- she was so excited and didn’t really seem nervous at all!

IMG 9072


What a BIG girl!

IMG 9079


Foster REALLY wanted to go too… Nana told him she would bring him when he’s 5 years old too. :)

IMG 9090IMG 9081


IMG 9086

IMG 9088

IMG 9095

Nana said the trip there went really well.  Emma and Nana played a travel game where they looked out the window for certain things and found most everything on their list!  They also played go-fish.  There is a snack cart on the train that they visited on the way there and back.  They said it was really hard to keep your balance when walking on the train.

I drove back to get Nana and Emma on Sunday evening.  I waited at the train station for about an hour because the train was late- it was a FULL train, with lots of people getting off at several different stops.

My view from the train station at night.

IMG 9098  1


Here comes the train!  I could hear its horn long before I could see its lights.  My heart started pounding hard when I saw the light- I was so excited to see Emma!

IMG 9105  1

IMG 9106  1


They made it!  Nana, thank you so much for taking Emma on this awesome trip.  And thanks Pops and Gigi for hosting them in Texas.  I know Emma will be talking about this for months!

IMG 9108  1

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