Hotel Fun

After a very fun night in Bricktown we went back to our hotel to swim and hang out.  We chose the Hampton Inn because we heard they had a great pool for kids and it overlooked the Redhawks Baseball Park.

IMG 8683


Robin and Foster checking out the ball field

IMG 8682


Here is Emma getting ready to swim

IMG 8671


Can you see Robin in the middle of the pool getting “blown up?”  There was a pump you could pump and the person standing on a platform in the pool got blown out of the water.  I blew Robin up several times. :)

IMG 8676

IMG 8677  1

IMG 8678

The water was a little bit cold but we still had a great time swimming and really wore the kids out! :)

I don’t know how I got so lucky… both kids begged to sleep with Robin and that was A-OK with me!  I got to sleep with my Mom in a nice comfy bed with no one kicking me or slobbering on me. Ahhhh.  It was glorious.  The kids actually did a great job and fell right to sleep.  I have the best husband in the world.

IMG 8680

IMG 8681

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