Oklahoma Science Museum

Last Thursday, July 12th, our family took a road trip to Oklahoma City with Nana.  I hadn’t been to OKC in a long time and it looked very different from the last time I was there!  There are so many fun things to do in OKC but we decided to spend the majority of our day at the Oklahoma Science Museum.  I remember going there as a child when it was called the “Omniplex” and I remember loving it!

Here is our family right after we got to the museum- cracks me up how excited Foster looks!

IMG 8558  1


IMG 8559  1


Daddy pointing out one of the planets…  Emma didn’t want to get too close!

IMG 8560


Nana had a great time playing with the kids at the museum.  I had to sit down a lot.  I had worked at the hospital the night before so I was very tired!

IMG 8563


Emma listening to the different pitches with the “Jingle Jars”

IMG 8566

IMG 8567


Emma and Foster inside the mirrors seeing how a Kaleidoscope works

IMG 8569  1


Putting on a puppet show- they are watching themselves on a little TV

IMG 8572  1


Robin and Foster putting a 3-D puzzle together

IMG 8579  1

IMG 8580  1

IMG 8584  1


“Echo…echo…echo…” in the tube

IMG 8588  1

IMG 8590  1

IMG 8592


I must say that Robin had the most fun of any of us.  He is a science junkie and especially loved the puzzles and brain teasers. :)

IMG 8593


Checking out the real life tractor

IMG 8595

IMG 8596



Pretend fire stationIMG 8602  1


Thinking about sliding down the pole

IMG 8604


Bubble time

IMG 8606  1


Foster the astronaut

IMG 8608  1


Foster in front of the dinosaur

IMG 8610  1

IMG 8611  1


Foster and Daddy checking out the fish

IMG 8613


Blue wall for pretending to do the weather… the kids loved this!

IMG 8616


Climbing on the model teeth!

IMG 8620

IMG 8623


Emma loved spinning on this wheel- she pretended to be a figure skater!

IMG 8624


Foster’s turn on the spinning wheel

IMG 8630


Lunch time… here’s Nana- isn’t she so cute?

IMG 8635


Foster loved seeing the real train

IMG 8637


Foster was fascinted by the model trains- he could have watched them for hours

IMG 8639

IMG 8641

IMG 8644


Hey look!  There’s Thomas!

IMG 8646

IMG 8647


This was Foster’s favorite exhibit- he asked to go back to it multiple times.  It was a lesson about the center of gravity… You had to guess which of three objects would make it to the bottom the fastest when you let them all go at the same time.  Mom, Robin, and I all guessed incorrectly. :)

IMG 8653

IMG 8654

IMG 8655


View of the first floor from the second floor

IMG 8656


Emma (and bunny) and Foster in front of the Apollo Mission Training Module

IMG 8659  1

The kids favorite thing at the Science Museum was a Planetarium show that we went to.  Obviously, I don’t have any pictures because it was pitch black!

We spent about 4 hours at the Science Museum and probably only saw about half of the exhibits!  We’ll definitely have to go back again sometime.

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