Emma’s Pre-K Artwork

Throughout the school year, Emma brings home SO much artwork!  I love every bit of it!   It amazes me how much work teachers go to to create such fun projects.   I struggle with what to do with all of it.  My current system is that I hang up some of Emma and my favorites on the art line in our hallway and on the refrigerator throughout the school year.  She loves showing off her artwork to family and friends!  I put the rest of it in a big pink tub.  All summer I have been needing to go through it but just got around to it this week… I decided I better empty the tub before she begins to bring home Kindergarten artwork this year!

The picture below is about 1/3 of the pieces of work she brought home this year!!  These were some of my favorites.  After taking these pictures, I put my absolute favorites in an art portfolio to keep forever.

IMG 9383  1


This was one of her first “home” projects- a family pennant.  They put their last names on it and then put family pictures, stickers, etc. to describe their family.  These were displayed in their room for the entire school year. The little paper plate was a “mirror” that they made during the “All About Me” Unit.

IMG 9376


All of the artwork coordinated with the Unit/theme they were working on that week.  These are some from the “Barnyard Animals” Unit.

IMG 9377


Emma LOVES patterns.  Here are some of her “ABAB” patterns…

IMG 9384


These pieces are all from the “Nursery Rhymes” Unit.

IMG 9386


These cars were made during the “Vehicles” Unit.

IMG 9387


Snowman made during the “Winter” Unit.  I really love that the started writing the words on the pictures.

IMG 9388


Butterfly during the “Spring” Unit.

IMG 9389


Practicing the letters of her name…

IMG 9393


More Spring animals

IMG 9396


“Bear in a Square”

IMG 9397


“Cat in the Hat” during Dr. Seuss’s Birthday week!

IMG 9399  1


Emma’s self portrait at the beginning of the year. :)

IMG 9401

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