It’s a BOY!!! Emergency Gender Reveal!

Thursday July 19th, 2012 was such a fun day that will forever be a special memory for me.  Robin and I went to my OB appointment at 9:00 that morning.  This was my big 20 week ultrasound and I was very excited to not only find out the gender of our baby but more importantly I wanted confirmation that this was a healthy Curry baby.  Working in the NICU sure makes a Mommy paranoid when pregnant.  The Ultrasound tech was absolutely fabulous and spent about 45 minutes going over every organ, every vertebrae, every vessel in the heart.  I had tears in my eyes just praising God for the miracle of life.  I know that a healthy baby is not something to take for granted.  It is a miracle EVERY time.

VERY quickly, the tech announced that this was a very PROUD baby boy, revealing his “parts” very obviously!  I’ll spare you that picture. :)

Robin and I were so excited.  Honestly, I think we both thought it was a girl because I had been pretty sick, and everyone and their dog kept telling us they thought we were having another girl.  I truly did not care either way.  Before we had kids, I thought I wanted to have 4 boys- I just see myself as a “boy mom.”  I am so excited for Foster to have a brother and I pray that they are as close as Robin and his brother, Craig.  I am also secretly excited that Emma will be the “only girl.”  She is just so special, so unique and I know that she and I will always share a special bond.  Praise the Lord for another baby boy!!!

I had planned a very small “gender reveal balloon release” that evening for close friends and family.  Let me just say that God has such a sense of humor.  This summer we are experiencing one of the worst drouts in history- it hasn’t rained in weeks.  There was NO RAIN in the forecast.  I had planned for us to meet in the field behind our church at around 7:30pm.  I’m going to go ahead and admit that I’m a big nerd and I had gone to the field the night before to check out the lighting to make sure we got the “perfect pictures.”  7:30 seemed like the magic hour.

At 6:21pm my friend Jamey (who was coming to the balloon release to take pictures for us) texted me and said, “Honey, have you seen the weather?”  I had seen the clouds in the sky and heard the weatherman say on the radio, there is small chance of a brief shower but it would pass by about 7:00 so I brushed it off and told her yes, but we’re still planning to meet at 7:30.  Then I really started checking out…. as I was driving… picking up balloons and cookies.  Then I started crying.  A HUGE storm was headed our way and it looked like it would hit about 7:30.  I was so sad- I wanted the gender reveal to be simple- just everyone come to the field, we’ll release the balloons, have a special moment, have a yummy cookie and go home.  Now, I had to figure out Plan B.  I knew we couldn’t just wait another day! Robin remained calm and kept saying the storm would pass.  Then at about 6:37 Robin said, “I think we better go now.”  So… I texted the 5 family members and friends that were planning to come and said, we’re gonna go NOW.”  Mom was about 5 miles away, Judy was about 8 miles away, Boom was about 8 miles away and they all made a mad dash for the church.  Looking back, it is just hilarious to remember each person speeding into the parking lot- my Mom even hit the curb when she parked.  We quickly threw out a blanket (not in the spot I had originally planned because I knew it was too far from the car and it was about to downpour.)  We started snapping some pre-pictures.  Then it started lightning and thundering badly.  SO, we made the decision to release the balloons even though Judy wasn’t there yet- she had told us we could.  I am so sad- she pulled up 1 minute after we released them.

After we released the balloons and snapped a few quick pictures we went to the back of our car and had cookies and blue “Jones Bubblegum” sodas.  Then it started pouring rain.  And lightning. And thundering. The kids started crying. We decided to call it a night.  That storm was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.  I’m really wondering if that means anything about the way Cash’s life will be???!!!

Jamey texted me that night and said, “Everyone knows it’s good luck when it rains on your gender reveal.”  :) (kinda like raining on your wedding day, right?)

SO, here are our pictures from our “Emergency Gender Reveal.”

The sky.

IMG 9206  1


Foster and Emma were so excited to find out if they were having a brother or sister.  My talented friend, Jamey, made this box for me.  I sent her some pictures from Pinterest and she came up with this adorable design.  She also took all of the pictures for me.

IMG 9198  1


What’s it gonna be?

IMG 9212  1


Getting ready to reveal…suprised I was smiling!

IMG 9220


It’s a boy

IMG 9237  2

IMG 9240


Some of the balloons floating off…

IMG 9251


IMG 9310

So, what did the family think?

Some of the responses that I remember:

Brandon, “I was right, I knew it!”

Jamey, “Whatttt??????”

Nana was shocked.

Emma, “Yeahhh!  I wanted a boy, I knew it!” (this was her coping mechanism- she really thought it was girl.)

IMG 9260  1


Watching the balloons… and the storm.  He was pretty nervous I think.

IMG 9271



IMG 9292  2


Then we announced the name! CASH FRANKLIN CURRY

Robin and I have always loved the name Cash- we considered it for Foster’s middle name.  When I went to the Dr. that morning and found out that it was a boy, the nurse Sylvia asked if I had a name.  I told her, “We’re thinking Cash.”  She said, “Ooooh, Cash Curry, I feel like he would do something really special with a name like that!”  It made me smile.  I smile everytime I say the name.

Franklin is a family name on Robin’s Dad’s side of the family.

I ordered these cookies from Barbee’s cookies and they were so delicious!

IMG 9320  1

IMG 9327  1

It was a fabulous, very memorable day.  I am very excited to start getting the nursery ready and going through clothes.  Praying that the remainder of my pregnancy goes well and Cash arrives healthy and happy in December!

Thank you so much to our family and friends who rushed to 103rd and Sheridan on July 19th and endured a torential donwpour to share this memory with us!

4 thoughts on “It’s a BOY!!! Emergency Gender Reveal!

  1. I read your blog for 12/11/12! Oh my goodness what an event and no planning for it! lol! I think I would have been doing the same as you did! My third was the only one I went into full labor with, so I understand what you are saying! And yes, all the things that can happen… second weighed the very same as Cash and it was a tug of war because the umbilical cord was only 8 inches long! Broke his collar bone on delivery. Sometimes in the heat of unexpected moments we wonder why and then the reality of how the presence of the Lord overshadows all of our plans for His perfect plan to unfold in the years to come even. Im so very happy for you and the whole family and Cash is just a beautiful baby boy! Reminded me of my 9+lb-er with those chubby cheeks and dark hair. You and Robin sure handled things great inspite of it all…..What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing and look forward to meeting this little guy! Love his name and referral “fast Cash” hmmmm future Olympic Runner?

  2. I am so glad that Ruth let us enjoy this via fb. My youngest son Jason and his wife Shelah struck up a relationship and love for Jay and Ruth via emails I think. But also got to meet at Aunt Wanda’s funeral. Anyway, Shelah is due in about two weeks. This wonderful story is a must for their enjoyment. Their delivery place is about 80 – 100 miles from their house. Praise the Father from whom all blessings flow. Makes me think about the Divine history within the human history.. Congrats to all your family and may the Lord continue to be your inner peace. Jay’s first cousin. Nona

  3. Just read this while gulping down my lunch at school……I remember that date because it is our 2nd son’s birthday and he turned 17 that day this past summer. We were out of town in Memphis with my sister in law, who is our “other family member in town to call in case of emergency”. We were out of town for a Tae Kwan Do tournament that my husband was participating and we left our boys (14, 17 and 24) by themselves for a couple days. I found out on line that they were having severe weather in Bixby that night and that they lost electricity. Of course, I felt helpless many miles away….Hence, one of the reasons we are having an emergency generator installed! Now, if we could only guarantee that they always get the freezer door locked!!! :-(
    Loved reading your stories, thanks for sharing!

  4. Jill, how’s everything going? I have loved reading your blog about Cash’s eventful birth. What an experience! You are quite a writer and photographer. What a wonderful family you have. Enjoy!

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