Kiddie Park 2012

This year we made two trips to The Kiddie Park in Bartlesville, however, the first trip was very disappointing… we drove there on Saturday, August 4th, had dinner at Frank and Lola’s and when we got to the Kiddie Park we found out that it was closed due to weather!  (A storm had just passe when the park opened but they were concerned that more storms would develop.) We were so disappointed.  However, the kids were champs and pulled it together.  Robin had the idea to head to a Custard stand for some yummy treats.

We decided to go back to the park this week on Thursday night, Aug. 9th.  It was really our last option before school starts.  It turns out it was the perfect time to go!  The weather was beatiful and the crowd was minimal.  The kids hardly had to wait in any lines!  We had such a great time.

A big thanks to Aunt Judy and Uncle Ron for going with us!  (Nana and Boom went with us on the first trrip but we unable to go for the re-do!)

Foster shocked us on the rides- last year he was pretty timid, pretty scared of a lot of the rides.  What a difference a year makes!  Foster wanted to ride EVERY ride and we let him ride all but the tilt-a-whirl because kids were just flying around in there.

Here is our cool dude before the park opened, ticket in hand- ready to go!  We think he thinks he is supposed to have a “cool” look on his face anytime he has his sunglasses on.

IMG 9403  1


This is some serious car driving!

IMG 9410  1


Emma making sure her little brother was doing ok- last year he cried on this ride.

IMG 9413  1

IMG 9414  1


I just had to throw in this picture from the cars LAST YEAR…. Emma looks a bit younger, Foster looks a bit more scared!

IMG 1624  1


Emma’s classic grin- she’s having fun!!

IMG 9418  1


The boats!

IMG 9427  1

IMG 9429  1

IMG 9439  1


Uncle Ron waiting with the kids at the swings

IMG 9441  1

IMG 9446  1

IMG 9451

IMG 9452

IMG 9454


Foster and Emma have always loved swinging!

IMG 9455


IMG 9463


Foster on the airplanes- Emma passed on this ride.

IMG 9474


This was one of my favorite memories of the night- Emma rode the tilt-a-whirl with Uncle Ron and Aunt Judy.  (she rode it with Judy and Boom last year.)  They were so sweet to ride this with her!  Judy always holds on to Emma really tightly so she doesn’t fly around.  Emma giggles so big on this ride!  They said she was spinning the wheel really hard to make them go faster and faster!

IMG 9477  1

IMG 9479  1

IMG 9486

IMG 9490  1

IMG 9506


Video from the ride… I love hearing her giggle.  Please ignore the 15 seconds or so where I am filming the ground!


Riding the horse carriage…

IMG 9521  1



IMG 9529


Train time.  Foster was so excited to ride the train!

IMG 9537

IMG 9544  1

IMG 9546  1


Uncle Ron was so sweet to buy all of us treats at the concession stand.  Foster insisted that he wanted a grape snow cone.  When Ron handed it to Foster he said, “It’s too COLD!”  Well, of course it is!  He never even took a bite of it!  Robin got a Rootbeer float, Emma got a snow cone AND ice cream, and Mommy got cotton candy (my favorite!)

IMG 9562  1


While eating our treats, a bee decided to target Robin and his rootbeer float.  It stayed away from the rest of us- it only wanted Robin’s drink.  I kept flying in his float and swarming right around his head.  It was hilarious I have to admit.  Robin kept trying to run away from it and finally just had to set his drink down and leave it there.  The bee won.

IMG 9563


Emma’s rainbow snow cone!

IMG 9565  1

IMG 9567  1


Emma and Foster loved riding this turtle roller coaster with Daddy.  I loved seeing all 3 of their smiling faces on this ride!

IMG 9569  1

IMG 9570  1

IMG 9571  1


I know some of these pictures are blurry but I just love their expressions.

IMG 9575

IMG 9579  1

IMG 9581

IMG 9587

IMG 9596  1


IMG 9601



Carousel ride with Judy and Daddy

IMG 9610  1

IMG 9613  1

IMG 9620


Foster insisted that he wanted to ride the BIG roller coaster.  We really thought he would back out as he got closer but he didn’t!  Here they are in line!  Daddy rode with Emma and Uncle Ron rode with Foster!

IMG 9627

IMG 9630

IMG 9631

IMG 9634

IMG 9640


Riding the bi-plane together- they loved this!

IMG 9644  1


They wanted to ride the cars one more time!

IMG 9672


Last ride of the night- the ferris wheel!  It was kind of funny to see them caged in on this ride- they loved it!  We had SUCH a great night at the Kiddie Park- we can’t wait to go back next year!  Best part of the night- we spent a total of $14 on tickets for all of the rides. :)

IMG 9673

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