Arlington Trip- Pictures at the Park

Over the weekend of Sept. 21-24th we traveled to Arlington to spend time with Robin’s family.  Emma had a 3 day weekend so we thought we better take advantage of it… this will probably be the last time (for several months) that all of his sibblings and their kids can get together because I am due in December and Fallon is due a week before me.  The holidays are going to be a little bit different this year!

We had a great time just hanging out and letting our kids play together.  It is always a crazy time when 5 kids 5 and under get together under one roof.  And to think.. by December there will be 7 kids 6 and under.  :)

I didn’t take many pictures on our trip the first few days we were there- I was pretty tired and just enjoyed resting!  However, Robin and I both snapped some pictures of the kids on our last day there at the park.

Lylah and Emma on the slide- it’s so fun to watch these girls together.  Lylah is a “girly girl.  Can you tell?  She’s wearing a princess dress and pearls at the park!  Emma is wearing a sequined tutu so they get along fantastically!

IMG 9436


IMG 9437

IMG 9438


Zane loves these girls to pieces!

IMG 9452


Foster pointing at something- probably bossing someone around!

IMG 9460


Static hair on the slide!

IMG 9465


The brothers…

IMG 9469


Gigi with her newest pride and joy, Baby Taryn.

IMG 9472

IMG 9475

IMG 9485

IMG 9489


There were quite a few “outtakes” from this little photo session.  We just had to get a picture of all 5 cousins together.

IMG 9509  1

IMG 9509  2

IMG 9514


A few close-ups…

IMG 9531

IMG 9538

IMG 9535

The girls: Emma, Taryn, Lylah

IMG 9541  1


The boys (for now!): Foster and Zane

IMG 9622


Tommy (Crystal’s husband) is such a good uncle and brother-in-law.  One of the pregnant ladies suggested that he “Make himself a Dear and go to Sonic for drinks for all of us!”  And he did!  The two pregnant Moms were so excited!  Then when he got back he dove right into playing with the kids.  Here he is helping Lylah on the monkey bars:


IMG 9585


Tommy helping his son Zane on the monkey bars:

IMG 9593


Zane just turned 3 about a month ago!

IMG 9627


Pure joy:

IMG 9633


Isn’t Lylah precious?

IMG 9639  1


Craig with Lylah and Taryn… Lylah is going to be a great big sister to a little brother very soon!

IMG 9672


These two boys have a love-hate relationship already.  I think boy cousins are supposed to do that.  They fight like brothers and play like brothers.  I’m thankful for that they have each other and always will!

IMG 9661  1

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