Emma’s First Day of Kindergarten


It has taken me over 2 weeks to blog about Emma’s first day of school… I think it’s because I’m still recovering from her first day of school!  It was so emotional for me!

Emma started Kindergarten on Thursday, August 16th. She goes to the same school as last year for Pre-K but it was only 1/2 day so this was a pretty big adjustment!  I hardly slept the night before her first day- I was so worried about her!

She woke up bright and early on her first day and seemed pretty excited about going to school.  Here she is after she was all ready for school…

IMG 9736


Daddy (who is an amazing Daddy) wanted to make sure that Emma ate a good breakfast on her first day so he made her bacon, eggs, and biscuits.  She really didn’t want to eat much but we encouraged her to eat some so she would have energy for her big day.  :)

IMG 9709

IMG 9710

I stressed over packing her lunch… what would she want to eat at school?  Would she be able to open all of the packages?  Would she be too nervous to eat?  Would she be missing me?  Would she have a friend to sit by? Sigh.

I packed her a PBJ, pretzels, strawberries, and a tummy yummy to drink… I also put a little note on top.

IMG 9704

IMG 9702


Emma’s sweet Nana got Emma this adorable owl backpack to start Kindergarten.  I bought the coordinating lunchbox. :)

IMG 9693

After she got all dressed and ready we went in the front yard to take some pictures…

IMG 9725  1


She wanted to hold this silly blue ball in her hand for the pictures… we didn’t fight it.  Kinda shows her quirky personality!

IMG 9728


Mommy and Emma all ready to go!

IMG 9745  1


Foster and Emma before walking to the bus.  Foster is SUCH a sweet little brother who adores his big sister.  He wanted to carry her lunchbox for her.  These two truly do love each other.

IMG 9751  1


A BIG thank you to Nana for also getting Emma these cool “Twinkle Toes” shoes.  They light up when she walks and Emma was SO excited about them!  And she can get them on herself which is a huge plus for Mommy. :)

IMG 9756


Emma and Daddy

IMG 9765


THE BUS…  Ok, so this may have been the biggest thing stressing Mommy out.  We decided to let Emma ride the bus.  Her sweet teacher assured us that she would be ok- she would make it to class and she would make it home.  There are several friends from the neighborhood who ride the bus including our neighbor boys who promised us they would look after Emma.  :)  The car line to pick up kids at the end of the day at Emma’s school is rumored to be a nightmare- very long, very chaotic.  Knowing that I am going to be having a baby in 3 months, I knew I would not want to battle that every day.  SO much easier to put a baby and toddler in a stroller to walk a block to the bus stop than strap them in the car for an hour trip.

So I prayed hard that she would have a good experience on the bus… and I prayed that she would be ok getting ON the bus.  I pictured her all of a sudden bawling her eyes out, afraid to leave us. Quite the contrary.  When Emma saw the bus, she practically ran to get in line like she had done it a million times before.  Luckily, there were 3 other little Kindergarten girls and one in her same class at the bus stop!

IMG 9776

When the bus stopped, the kids filed on, Emma found a seat, she waved at us, and off the bus went.

IMG 9782

IMG 9788  1


As the bus drove away, Robin and I looked at each other and Robin said, “What in the world just happend?”  It was so surreal!  Our baby girl was so grown up!

Robin had planned to just kind of “follow the bus to school” to make sure she made it safely.  However, we found out at the bus stop that most of the parents go to the school after the bus leaves to see their kids in their classroom to make sure they made it and take pictures!  So we jumped in the car and went!

We got to the school literally 7 minutes later and Emma was already in her classroom!  The bus gets there very fast!  She was suprised to see us but didn’t try to cling to us.  She was busy orienting herself.

IMG 9795


Sweet little gift from her teacher…

IMG 9798


She looks a little nervous to me here… but she also looks like she is ready for us to leave her classroom.  So we did!

IMG 9802


I thought about Emma all day long.  I prayed for her all day long.  God must have knew I was having a hard time because at about 10:45 her teacher, Mrs. McDaniel, called me just to let me know that Emma was having a great day!  What a blessing to hear that!

Luckily, I kept myself pretty busy because I had to attend a class at my hospital and then Judy and I went to JBF to drop off all of my clothes for consignment.  Judy and I finished the task in record time so I asked if she wanted to come back to our house and see Emma get off the bus and she got a big smile on her face and said “Can I?” :)

Here are Daddy, Foster, and Aunt Judy waiting at the bus stop.

IMG 9811


We knew that the bus would not arrive home “on time” the first day… but it was about 30 minutes late which was pure torture!  It was so hot outside and I worried that Emma might be hot and sad. Finally, we saw the big yellow bus and I was so so relieved….

IMG 9816

IMG 9818

And there’s my baby girl getting off of the bus! (and that’s our sweet neighbor Jake right behind her… he did look after her!)

IMG 9823

You might be able to tell from this picture that her little cheeks are red.  She was very hot, and very sad.  She said she didn’t want to ride the bus again ever…. however she did the next day and was fine.  She was pretty distraut when she got home.  We figured out that she had been sitting on the bus for about an hour… too long.  She was SO hungry and thirsty.  She barely ate her lunch (probably nerves) so she ate snacks continuously for about an hour and half after getting home!  She also wouldn’t tell us much about her day at school- which we also predicted.  Emma will talk when she’s ready.  She had a lot to process!

Her 2nd day was much better.  When she got off the bus she had a huge smile on her face and literally would not stop talking about her day… her class, her friends, her teacher.  Praise the Lord… I think we’re gonna make it!

So the year is off to a good start.  My first baby is in Kindergarten and we are adjusting.  I miss her tons but I know she was ready.  Praying she finds sweet friends and learns a ton this year.

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