Foster’s First Day of School

Foster had to wait 2 1/2 weeks after Emma’s school started for his school to start.  His first day was not quite as big of a deal as Emma’s first day was…  He only goes Tuesday and Thursday and it’s technically “Mother’s Day Out” but we still call it school because he does learn a lot while he’s there!

Here are Foster and Emma before school! (Side note… for the next 2 weeks Emma’s class has “Color Days” where they wear a different color every day.  Today was obviously “red day!”)

IMG 0295  1

IMG 0300  1


I can not get over how big he looks here!

IMG 0305  1

IMG 0313  1

IMG 0319  1


Foster picked out his very own backpack at The Children’s Place.  He loves all things sports and all things ball so he was in love with this backpack.  Even though it was quite large, I still bought it!  Little did I know how incredibly ridiculous it would look on him!

IMG 0323

IMG 0326


Here is Foster meeting one of his teachers- Miss Amanda- for the first time.  She is a Nurse which made me very excited since he has a peanut allergy.  She was very comfortable with the epi pen kit in his backpack. :)

Foster was pretty nervous when we left- it always take him a few days to adjust to a new class. :)

IMG 0335

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