My Little Dollhouse Party

Emma was invited to a Birthday party for one of her newest friends, Marissa, who is in her Kindergarten class at school.  Emma was so excited to go- she has been talking about it for 2 weeks!  The party was at My Little Dollhouse.

Emma has been to My Little Dollhouse several times before and each time she acts a little bit differently… sometimes she is so excited to dress up, get her makeup done, and particpate in the fashion show, and sometimes she is very timid and you really have to twist her arm to participate.  She was very timid on this day.  I stayed for the party and I kept having to encourage her to participate!  here she is with some of her new friends: Sydney, Emma, Marissa, Teagan, Jaycee, and Stella.

Photo  37


Outfit #1- a beautiful Belle costume:

Photo  38

Here she is getting her makeup and nails done.  She wouldn’t let them fix her hair.

IMG 9377


Fancy pink nails with purple glitter

IMG 9378


Eyeshadow time…she chose yellow eye shaddow with gold glittery- interesting!!

IMG 9381


All dolled up, modeling a slinky green glitter gown!

IMG 9382


The whole crew….Birthday girl Marissa is in the center on the front row.

IMG 9385  1


The party was actually a “tea party” and the girls were asked to bring a doll with them.  Emma brought Cinderella… here they are ready for the tea party!  Emma thought her nails were still wet so she was afraid to touch anything. :)

IMG 9390  1

Emma and Cinderella… even the dolls had their own place settings!

IMG 9395


Emma being served tea…

IMG 9396  1

IMG 9402  1


Cupcake time…

IMG 9409


Tea party in progress…

IMG 9410


Gift opening time, always exciting!

IMG 9414

IMG 9417

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