Date Night

On October 26th Robin and I got to go on a fun date night to a Wedding Reception for one of his co-workers.  The reception was at The Five Oaks Lodge in Jenks and we had a great time.  Thank you thank you thank you to my Mom and Aunt Judy for watching our  kids so we could have a night out!  I’m guessing this will be our last night out before Baby Cash comes.  Before we left we wanted to get a picture together and the kids insisted on being IN the picture… so here is our family picture:

IMG 9991


I feel like I look HUMONGOUS in these pictures… but it’s important to document the pregnancy, right? :)  I was almost 34 weeks in these pictures… a little over a month left to go!  I’m hoping that night will be the last night I have to wear high heels while pregnant. :)  Man, I was hurting by the end of the night!

IMG 9994  1


IMG 9992




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