Emma’s First Visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Emma has had a loose tooth for about a month or more… which gave us a lot of time to talk about losing teeth, the tooth fairy, etc.    As with any major life event, Emma had a LOT of questions and concerns both about losing teeth and about the tooth fairy visiting!  She was extremely nervous about both events!  On the evening of Oct. 9th her tooth was basically hanging by a thread and bleeding.  After a bit of encouragement from Mommy and Daddy, Emma let Mommy pull her tooth.  She cried for a little bit.  I think it was very traumatic for her!  After a good cry, she was all smiles!

IMG 9757


My Mom kept this Peter Rabbit tooth pillow from when I was little and passed it down to Emma.  I have been so excited to get it out and use it.  You can see Emma’s tiny baby tooth on the pillow.

IMG 9760


Emma was extremely freaked out at the thought of having the tooth fairy in her room in the middle of the night. SO…. she wrote the tooth fairy a note and posted it in the hallway outside of her room- she told the tooth fairy that her tooth would be on the telephone desk in the kitchen!  I love the way this girl thinks. :)  Here is the note hanging on the wall in the hallway…

IMG 9764


“Dear Tooth Fairy” (written by Emma), “My tooth is on the telephone desk” (written by Daddy.)  Then she signed her name and drew a few patterns for the tooth fairy!  (she loves patterns.)

IMG 9767


Please excuse the messy telephone desk… there is the tooth pillow on the telephone desk!  The tooth fairy had not trouble finding the tooth- Emma was very excited to find $2 waiting for her the next morning!

IMG 9762

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