Piano Lessons with Gigi

Those that remember me as a teenager and child know that the piano was a huge part of my life!  I LOVE the piano- love to play it, love to listen to others play it, and I even love the look of pianos. When my Mom downsized her house we were blessed to inherit the baby grand piano from her house that I learned on growing up- it was a gift to me from my Dad and it is one of my most special earthly posessions.

Nothing would thrill my heart more than having my children learn to play the piano.  I took lessons from the time I was about 5 until 18.  Robin also took piano lessons when he was young but quit to play sports and he says now that he wishes he hadn’t given it up.  His Mom is a very talented Pianist and plays piano/keyboard for her church.

We have debated when to start Emma in piano lessons- probably within the next year or so.  She is so funny about things.  With anything in her life, she only does it if it is HER idea and when SHE feels like it.  However, the last few times Gigi has come to visit Emma loves sitting down at the piano and learning a few things from Gigi.  It is really precious to watch- she soaks it up!  Gigi bought her a beginner piano book and we leave it on the piano.  Over the last month Emma will just randomly sit at the piano and go through several pages and practically teach herself.  If she has questions she asks me, but for the most part she just ikes to pace herself.

Here are some pictures from Gigi’s last piano lesson with Emma on October 7th.

IMG 9720

IMG 9727

IMG 9719


IMG 9725

IMG 9726

IMG 9721

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